Ukraine, “US weapons will leave in 24-48 hours, in Kiev for the weekend”

The first batch of weapons of the new $ 800 million aid package announced today by Joe Biden will start in the next 24-48 and will arrive in the hands of the Ukrainians by the end of the week. This is known by sources from the Pentagon, cited by the Washington Post. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby explained that the choice of material “was made in complete coordination with the Ukrainians on the basis of their needs, especially the specific needs for the Donbass.” Kirby explained that the package includes 72 155mm howitzers howitzers, with the tactical vehicles to transport them, 144 thousand artillery ammunition. Sending these heavy artillery pieces is the big news from the previous pack, which only had 18 howitzers. The number sent will now allow 5 battalions to be equipped, Kirby said.