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By My B., Julie M. · Published on April 21, 2022 at 7:15 p.m. Discover the latest figures concerning the covid-19 epidemic in France. According to the latest report from Public Health France, France reports +185 additional deaths in total. This Thursday, April 21, 2022, there are 144,799 deaths in total and +104,007 new confirmed cases in 24 hours. In France, the latest assessment provided by the health authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, reports at least 3,914,678 confirmed cases, i.e. +104,007 in 24 hours. This Thursday, April 21, 2022, there are: 144,799 deaths in total, +185 additional deaths. The number of deaths in EHPAD and EMS shows 28,685 (+18) deaths in total. The total number of deaths in hospitals is 116,114 (+167 in 24 hours). The reproduction rate R is 0.90, the incidence rate 943.81 and the hospital blood pressure 33.3%. The positivity rate is 24.1%. France currently has 25,018 (-161) people hospitalized and 1,684 (+7) patients in intensive care. According to data from Public Health France, Discover the results of the different French regions and their evolution: Ile-de-France: 5,016 (-10) hospitalized, 423 (+1) in intensive care and +18 deaths in 24 hours Grand Est: 2,162 ( -21) hospitalized, 140 (+3) in intensive care and +17 deaths in 24 hours Hauts de France: 2,480 (+41) hospitalized, 156 (+3) in intensive care and +16 deaths in 24 hours Auvergne Rhône Alpes: 2,555 (-29 ) hospitalized, 143 (-6) in intensive care and +19 deaths in 24 hours Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur: 2,290 (+26) hospitalized, 166 (+10) in intensive care and +21 deaths in 24 hours Brittany: 1,231 (-48 ) hospitalized, 72 (-4) in intensive care and +9 deaths in 24 hours Normandy: 1,797 (+44) hospitalized, 80 (+6) in intensive care and +11 deaths in 24 hours New Aquitaine: 1,684 (-39) hospitalized, 121 (+3) in intensive care and +18 deaths in 24 hours Pays de la Loire: 867 (-1) hospitalized, 69 (+4) in intensive care and +8 deaths in 24 hours Occitanie: 2,078 (-105) hospitalized, 145 (- 15) in intensive care and +10 deaths in 24 hours Centre-Val de Loire: 1,069 (-10) hospitalized, 65 (+3) in intensive care and +8 deaths in 24 hours Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: 1,122 (-4) hospitalized, 69 (-1) in intensive care and +9 deaths in 24 hours This Thursday April 21, 2022, the Covid-19 virus affected 502,722,920 confirmed cases and caused a total of 6,244,186 deaths worldwide. For more info in France: Coronavirus in France, the situation Thursday, April 21, 2022
We take stock this Thursday, April 21, 2022 on the evolution of the Coronavirus epidemic in France. Where is the Covid-19 epidemic in France? According to the latest report, there are +185 additional deaths in total and +104,007 new cases in 24 hours. Discover the latest announcements concerning the health pass, measures, treatments and the latest figures. [Lire la suite]
Coronavirus in Paris and Ile-de-France: +18 Covid deaths in 24 hours and 423 serious cases
We take stock of the situation in Paris and Île-de-France. Discover the specific assessment of the Paris region by department. This Thursday, April 21, 2022, there are +18 additional deaths in 24 hours and 423 serious cases in intensive care. [Lire la suite]
Incidence rate by department as of Thursday April 21, 2022 in France
The incidence rate by department is an indicator to follow very closely to follow the evolution of the epidemic. We discover together the incidence rates of each department on Thursday, April 21, 2022. [Lire la suite]
Covid vaccination: 80.9% of French people vaccinated for the first time, 59.0% received the booster dose
This Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 80.9% of the French population received at least one dose of vaccine, and 79.6% of them received a complete vaccination schedule. 59.0% of French people received a booster dose. [Lire la suite]

Coronavirus: 97.39% of cases of Omicron variant suspected in Paris
According to, 97.39% of cases of the Omicron variant were suspected in Paris on Thursday April 21, 2022. This mutation would now be largely in the majority in the capital. [Lire la suite]

Covid: does the certificate of contraindication to vaccination allow travel abroad?
The beautiful days are coming back, and with them your travel desires. While preparing your next getaway, a question may have arisen: to travel internationally, is a certificate of contraindication to vaccination accepted? [Lire la suite]

Long Covid: these symptoms that persist for more than a year after infection
Fatigue, hair loss, taste and smell disorder… People with Covid long complain of many persistent symptoms, more than a year after contracting the disease. Worse: some of these symptoms seem to get worse over time. [Lire la suite]

Coronavirus: fourth dose of vaccination for those over 60 announced by Olivier Véran
The coronavirus epidemic continues in France and now the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announces the opening of vaccination slots for French people over 60 for a fourth dose. [Lire la suite]

Presidential 2022: covid-positive voters “will be able to vote”, announces Gabriel Attal
A few days before the second round of the presidential election and while the number of Covid-19 contaminations is increasing again in France, Gabriel Attal announced that voters who tested positive “will be able to go and vote”. However, it is recommended that they wear a mask. [Lire la suite]

Covid: contaminations at school are on the rise again, many classes closed
While the majority of restrictions concerning the Covid-19 epidemic have been lifted, contamination in the population as well as at school is on the rise again, due to the BA.2 sub-variant. [Lire la suite]

Covid: Macron does not rule out a return to the mandatory mask “if things were to deteriorate”
Will the compulsory mask make its return to France? This is a scenario that Emmanuel Macron does not rule out. Asked about this this Wednesday March 23, 2022 on M6, the President of the Republic affirmed that he would take his “Responsibilities” to protect the French in the event of a deterioration in the health situation. [Lire la suite]

Covid: is the mask still compulsory in driving schools?
Since March 14, 2022, the mask is no longer compulsory in France, with the exception of public transport and health establishments. What category do driving schools fall into? Is the mask always requested during driving lessons? [Lire la suite]

Covid: how many vaccination centers are still open?
After two years of pandemic and three doses of vaccine, vaccination centers have lost their importance: they are gradually closing, everywhere in France. How many are there and how long will they stay active? [Lire la suite]

Covid: can non-vaccinated caregivers return to work?
The vaccination pass is suspended in France from March 14, 2022: no need to show this special document to go to the cinema or to a restaurant. Can caregivers who were not vaccinated and did not have a pass start working again as before? [Lire la suite]

Coronavirus: what changes from this Monday, March 14, 2022
As France finally begins to see the end of the Covid-19 epidemic, the government is lifting the last measures still active. Here’s what’s changing as of Monday, March 14, 2022. [Lire la suite]

End of the mandatory mask indoors: can an employer still impose it in a company?
This Monday, March 14, 2022, health restrictions are easing in France, with the end of the vaccination pass and the lifting of the mandatory mask indoors, especially in companies. But can an employer still impose it on his employees? We answer you. [Lire la suite]

Covid: end of the mandatory mask indoors this Monday, March 14 in France, except in transport
Jean Castex announced the end of the obligation to wear a mask indoors from Monday March 14, 2022. However, the mask remains compulsory in public transport, as well as in medical and medico-social establishments. [Lire la suite]

Covid: end of the compulsory mask in class at school this Monday, March 14
When will children be able to drop the mask in the classroom? Invited on Thursday March 3 to the 1 p.m. news on TF1, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the mask will no longer be compulsory indoors from March 14, 2022, including in schools. [Lire la suite]

Covid: opening of a fourth dose of vaccine for the over 80s
At the end of February, the authorities mentioned a fourth dose in the fall for the elderly. Finally, Jean Castex announced the opening of this new dose to people over 80, from March 14, 2022. [Lire la suite]

Covid: Olivier Véran asks to be vigilant in the face of the rebound of the epidemic
While this Monday, the vaccine pass and the mask will no longer be compulsory, Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, warns of a slight rebound in the epidemic, in front of which we must remain vigilant. [Lire la suite]

Covid: doctors urge caution, days before restrictions are lifted
Suspension of the vaccination pass, no more wearing of the compulsory mask… The French are impatiently awaiting the lifting of health restrictions. A step that worries many health professionals. [Lire la suite]

Covid: end of the health protocol in companies from March 14, confirms Elisabeth Borne
Health restrictions are gradually disappearing in France. From March 14, 2022, “the health protocol in companies will also disappear”, indicated the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne, who recalls that it will nevertheless be necessary “to obviously continue to apply hygiene rules”. [Lire la suite]

Covid: why have some people never been infected with the virus?
After two years of the pandemic, several variants and millions of cases around the world, some people are still resisting Covid-19. How can this resistance to the virus be explained? [Lire la suite]