VIDEO: A beautiful gesture of Liverpool fans towards Ronald. The whole stadium applauded – ŠPORT.SK

19.4.2022 23:10 | Cristiano Ronaldo announced the death of one of his newborn twins on Monday night, and on Tuesday, for understandable reasons, he was missing from the Manchester United team in the derby match with Liverpool (0: 4). The players of both teams took part in the duel in Anfield with black belts on their shoulders, thus supporting the legendary 37-year-old Portuguese and his close family from a distance. However, the most beautiful moment of the match came symbolically in the 7th minute, when the home fans of “The Reds”, together with the “red devils” fans, got up from their seats and started clapping in honor of Cristian Ronald. The Liverpool anthem – You’ll Never Walk Alone – also played throughout the stadium. Fans of two age-old rivals have made it clear that there are also moments in life when the rivalry must simply go sideways.