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The scorer of the winning goal Tomáš Zigo and the progressive celebrations of the hockey players of HC Slovan Bratislava Source: TASR / Martin Baumann BRATISLAVA – On the one hand, great joy, on the other, a huge disappointment. The Slovana series with Košice in the semifinals of the Kaufland playoffs of the Tipos Extra League were a decoration and finally the favorite triumphed in it. However, the road to progress was extremely challenging. Slovan, as the winner of the basic part, confirmed the preconditions in the first two home duels and after triumphs 5: 2 and 6: 2 he also wanted to succeed in Košice. After losing 1: 3, however, he had to fight at home in the fifth match and after winning 3: 2, he traveled to Košice again. The “steelworkers” managed the home duel 4: 2 and so he finally decided on the seventh. And in it Slovan finished the series in overtime after the goal of Tomáš Sig. “It’s great that we managed it, we are very happy. We have to rest well now and prepare for the finals. It was one shot in overtime. It fell there, I’m glad,” said the scorer of the decisive goal. In the decisive match, Slovan led 2: 0, Košice had “on the shovel”, but the guests equalized with two quick goals in a row and the decision could be made on both sides. Finally, it happened 61 seconds after the start of the extension. “It was the seventh match, it could have been decided sooner. It turned out like this, we showed strength. However, it was a very difficult series, Košice played very well. But it’s over and we are going to the finals. The main thing is waiting for us, which is why we are here “We will celebrate only then,” Zigo added. The people of Košice were disappointed after the match, but as their captain Michal Chovan said, every player could look in the mirror: “The season is over, but I’m proud of what we did. We believed in the finals, we did our best. But we can all look in the mirror, and no one can say he didn’t do his best. ” The semi-final participation is also a success “Steelmakers” had more in their own words, but the semi-final participation is definitely a success. In the basic part, the team did not succeed according to the ideas, but its conclusion was different. Coach Dan Ceman came on for the team. “It was visible on the ice, the performances were completely different. Everyone took on the tasks they had to do. It’s a shame, because we had more strength than Slovan. It’s a pity that it didn’t go any further in overtime, otherwise we could have scored a goal. This is how we have to congratulate our opponent, “Chovan concluded. Photo gallery for article Number of photos: 19 Author: © VIDEO list: TASR / Martina Kriková Source: TASR