CONFLICT continues: Mirgová KOPLA do MARKÍZA again … A harsh reference for their words! –

“Never. Hi, Dominic, we want to put you on the show as a performer. Hi Dominika, you have been making SuperStar a nice name for 15 years, you are here, you are, come, we invite you as a guest to present at least your work. Or at least come sit in view as a guest. I have never been offered in the TV media, I think, something bigger than they say in our industry – something for the girls, “said Dominika, disappointed. Photo gallery (6) Source: Youtube / Dominika Mirgová “I obediently attended all possible DODs, events, after parties (there the media called me because they knew that the boulevard would always write about me),” said Dominika, who wrote in her own words. she caused a decent hype and later added that although she appeared in some projects, she always played only the “second violin” in the background. In return, a television source later stated that she had achieved the exact opposite with her reckless words. Namely, that they will cut it off completely. However, the young artist no longer wanted to comment on this. I mean, until now. Her new video for the song Check has just been released, and it seems that Domča’s emotions still haven’t cooled. “I was always ready to shine, even if they only called when the first option was taken. But today I really don’t want to deal with it anymore, there is an exit, “sounds a piece of her song, and after a recent incident, many are convinced that it is hitting Markiz. Photo gallery (6) Source: Ján Zeměar “I need more than your frame, but I don’t need to beg for the show, just thank you, now listen to me while I’m free,” adds Dominika, who seems to be the whole case with this statement. closed for good. CONFLICT continues: Mirgová KOPLA do MARKÍZA again … A harsh reference for their words!