Good morning: Twilight of Fico and Kaliňák will start an even bigger war –

The suspicions will be difficult to prove. Loading … Twilight of Fico and Kaliňák will unleash an even bigger war (April 21, 2022) lawyer Marek Paru, and accused former Prime Minister Robert Fico. spoke with SME Diary commentator Peter Tkačenko.Podporte Good Morning Podcast Good morning is created thanks to the work of our colleagues, reporters and editors in the SME daily. You can also support by buying a podcast mug with a digital subscription. even a mug without a subscription. You can find the entire offer at Short overview of messages Wearing respirators indoors is canceled. From Thursday, you only have to wear them in social services facilities and hospitals. People do not have to wear a veil or respirators in public transport, shops or work. Penta will open a hospital in Bratislava’s Bory two years later than planned. They plan to open it in the fall next year. The hospital allegedly recruited for the pandemic. Marian Kotleb’s term of office expired. At the same time, the parliamentary group of the People’s Party of Our Slovakia ceased to exist because it does not have enough deputies. The alternate for Kotleba is Slavěna Vorobelová, she does not yet know whether she will join the ĽSNS parliamentary group to have enough deputies. According to the Minister of Justice, the coalition is heading for an agreement on the court map. Parliament is due to vote on it at its April part-session. He will shortly present an amendment tabled by Members. She added that the whole discussion with the coalition parties is about where the courts will be or will not be.
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