Ukraine, Zelensky: “We want sixth EU sanctions package, with oil”

Ukrainian war, “we want the EU’s powerful new sanctions package against Russia” to be approved. We demand a complete embargo on energy, including oil and gas. Oil should be part of the sixth package: without it it would be empty “. This was underlined by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, at a press conference from Kiev alongside the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. “It seems to me that they are ready to introduce an oil embargo”, he added, saying that with Michel “we discussed” Ukraine’s “future accession” to the EU, which is “a priority for our country and for our people. “. Read also “We are waiting – said Zelensky – we did everything, we answered all the questions and handed the questionnaire to the ambassador. We hope for the support of the member states and your personal support”, because EU membership “It is a very important issue for our country”. With the President of the European Council, who is visiting Kiev and Borodyanka today, “we discussed important issues for two hours. Briefly: sanctions, weapons, EU membership and money. All things we really need and will need to rebuild our country, “Zelensky said. And “we agreed to use the European Peace Facility’s money”, € 1.5 billion, “to get exactly the weapons we need. Not all weapons, but the weapons that are priority for us, not all but those that we lack. This is very important: we need the weapons in time, the ones we need. “