The national team had to make further changes: At the World Championships in Finland without this trio! – Š

In the picture, the training of the Slovak national hockey team on the ice during the meeting of the Slovak national team before the preparatory matches with the Czech Republic Source: TASR / Radovan Stoklasa BRATISLAVA – After the first two training sessions on Tuesday, the trio of Christián Jaroš, Michal Čajkovský and Denis Godla said goodbye to the team, and coaches called Dominika Riečický, Adam Jánošík and Ladislav Romančík to replace them. Even before the start of the camp, the sick Pavel Regenda was replaced by 17-year-old forward Samuel Honzek. While Regenda will return to the national team after training, for the trio Jaroš, Tchaikovsky, Godla, the preparation for the world championship has definitely ended this year. “Jaroš has an injured ankle. He has a growth on it, he can’t even wear skates and I already have an operation in Košice on Friday. Tchaikovsky communicated with his club Novosibirsk and an agent. He was told that in case of injury his contract would not be renewed, so Godla tried it at one workout, but he has a long-term injury, a stretched sciatic muscle that continues to shiver. He will not continue with us, “said assistant general manager Oto Haščák for Photo gallery (2) Source: TASR / Radovan Stoklasa The new players in the squad are the defenders Jánošík, who joined the team before Wednesday morning’s training, and Romančík. Bek HC Košice will join the squad on Thursday. “I’ve been without ice for a little over a week, so it wasn’t perfect for the first practice. But the preparation is long and I believe it will improve. I’m ready to fight. I know a lot of guys here, there are new boys, so we’ll see what “I’m looking forward to the match in Spišská Nová Ves. My whole family will be there, my friends. I grew up there, so it will be a heartbeat for me,” said Jánošík. It’s frustrating Godlu will be replaced by HC Košice goalkeeper Riečický, who will join the team as well as Romančík on Thursday. Rastislav Eliáš, a representative under the age of 18, has been a part of the national team since Wednesday evening. He completes training units with the team. “It’s challenging because you have been composing a cadre for a long time and when it starts to fall apart in the first practice, it’s frustrating. Of course, that’s what you have to reckon with, but I have to say that the two defenders “It will be difficult to replace them, but we have to deal with it. We hope that these were the last changes in this preparation,” Haščák added for Within the first block of training, the Slovaks will have two preparatory matches against the Czechs. They will take place on Thursday 21 April in Spišská Nová Ves (5.30 pm) and on Saturday 23 April in Trenčín (3.00 pm). Matej Tomek (HC Kometa Brno), Dominik Riečický (HC Košice) defenders: Martin Bučko (White Tigers Liberec), Michal Ivan (White Tigers Liberec), Peter Čerešňák (HC Plzeň), Patrik Koch (HC Vítkovice Ridera), Dávid Mudrák ( HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce), Mislav Rosandič (White Tigers Liberec), Adam Jánošík (BK Mladá Boleslav), Ladislav Romančík (HC Košice) forwards: Martin Faško-Rudáš (White Tigers Liberec), Andrej Kollár (HC Kometa Brno), Michal Krištof (HC Kometa Brno), Róbert Lantoši (Linköping), Adam Liška (Severstaľ Čerepovec), Tomáš Mikúš (HC Energie Karlovy Vary), Jakub Minárik (HK Dukla Trenčín), Miroslav Mucha (Lake Superior University), Matúš Sukeľ (HC Verva Litvínov) ), Alex Tamáši (HC´05 Banská Bystrica), Marek Valach (HK Dukla Trenčín), Samuel Honzek (Dukla Trenčín) part of the preparation:
April 21 (5.30 pm): Slovakia – Czech Republic (Spišská Nová Ves)
April 23 (15.00): Slovakia – Czech Republic (Trenčín) next program:
April 29 (7 pm): Germany – Slovakia (Dresden)
April 30 (17.00): Germany – Slovakia (Dresden) Kaufland Cup:
May 5 (unspecified): Slovakia – Norway
May 7 (unspecified): Slovakia – France Author: © Zoznam Source: TASR