Ukrainian military: “We have data that Russians are preparing a preventive nuclear attack”

“There is a feeling among the troops that this war will not end ‘tomorrow.’ We have information that gives certainty that the Russians are preparing a ‘preventive’ nuclear and chemical weapons attack on Ukraine, so the feeling is that the war is far from having a deadline. Whether we will win? Sure, I am convinced. We are very determined, we will play them “. He speaks thus to AdnKronos Volodymyr, a Ukrainian soldier stationed in Irpin and Bucha – where he received a medal of valor for the liberation of the two countries from the enemy invasion – while he is about to leave for the epicenter of the clash, in Donbass. “The state of mind among the troops? There is even more determination and unity between us – the bomb soldier, 36 years old originally from Irpin says without hesitation – If before you still had some doubts whether to shoot or not shoot, now, especially after Bucha , there are no longer any qualms about killing the enemy, that is, someone who is capable of doing this “. Bucha is still a nightmare in his nights: “I was one of the first soldiers to enter the city when it was liberated, because it was necessary to control the territory and defuse any mines left by the Russians – remember – The terrifying images that have been seen by all the world were there, in front of my eyes. There were dead men, women and children with their hands tied, a woman on a bike with a bullet to her chest, a hanged woman. I didn’t sleep for days, because it was really a psychological blow. Even now, when I look back on it, the anguish goes back to me “. Compared to two months ago, that is to say at the beginning of the war on a global scale, for Volodymyr” what has changed is that I am no longer afraid of killing the Russians “, explains. And he adds with disarming sincerity: “This war has changed me. Probably, a little tenderness is gone. War is a very bad, terrible thing. Now, however, there is much more determination to go to the bottom, and the strength to get there “. What does he want to say to Putin? The soldier pauses. “Now I think we need to liquidate him as quickly as possible. Inside me only emotions, no words.” In the mind of the young soldier, who got an honor these days for firing a heavy weapon at an enemy transport unit the day after he entered the full-fledged military corps (“I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t have wanted to participate in such a thing, but in the end I am in it and do what I have to “, he explains), there are many images imprinted. He tells Adnkronos one in particular: “I was involved with a sniper in the elimination of a Russian general, and for three days we were ambushed among the branches – Volodymyr tells us – A child of five remained with us in those days years, who was wandering alone after losing his parents who were missing under the rubble. We found him near a burning house, and we took him with us because he didn’t know where to go. His name was ‘Vova’ (short for Volodymyr, ed), like me. I still have his gaze in my eyes, I will never forget it “. How does soldier Volodymyr see his future? “As a soldier I am not very successful, because I have many reminders – he says almost smiling – I often break orders: I should only defuse the enemy’s mines and weapons, while at 5.30 am I go to help people enter their homes . People are terrified of returning, afraid to find someone inside and ask for help from the military, who however have no orders to carry out this operation, so I am often called back “. “I see my future in Irpin rebuilding the destroyed structures – he tells us – I don’t want to fight on the battlefield, I want to rebuild my country. In the meantime, yes, I have received an assignment as a bomb technician and I do it with commitment. But in reality I have a beautiful project to rebuild my country, Irpin, and in the next few days I have a meeting with the mayor to talk about it. Unfortunately, however, now I have to fight: they have already told me that now this is my job. everything will end, now the Donbass is waiting for me “.