The 5 things you should know this April 20: The Forgotten War

Is it safe to fly without a mask? The US believes that Russia learns from failures and applies the lessons in Donbas. The shocking moment a woman falls under a train but comes out unharmed. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first. 1 The forgotten war in Yemen The worst humanitarian crisis in the world is not Ukraine or Afghanistan. This regional civil war is still going on, almost eight years later, in the shadow of these other conflicts and almost in the background, having already unleashed a humanitarian crisis in the country that does not seem to be close to ending. 2 Is it safe to fly without a mask? Air passengers in the United States are leaving behind the masks against covid-19 after a federal judge ruled that the mandate of the use of face masks on commercial airplanes decreed by the Government was illegal. What are the new rules? Do they apply to international travel? How safe is it to fly without a mask? Here are the answers to some of the key questions. 3 The US believes that Russia is learning from failures and applying the lessons in Donbas The US believes that Russia is learning from its failures in northern Ukraine, where they did not have adequate capabilities to sustain military operations, and is applying those lessons to its new focus on eastern and southern Ukrainian territory, according to a senior US defense official. Zelensky: The battle for the Donbas region has begun 1:44 4 New images show the Russian warship Moskva before sinking New photos and a short video clip appeared Monday morning on social networks and show the Russian guided missile ship Russia, the Moskva, badly damaged and on fire in the hours before the ship sank in the Black Sea. Photos of severely damaged Russian ship Moskva released 1:00 5 Hunger and anger in Shanghai With the increasingly draconian lockdown measures, something that was almost unthinkable before has struck a chord with the city’s residents: people are experiencing famine in Shanghai in 2022. Analysis. This is how they dispose of the vegetables donated to the confined in Shanghai 0:41 At coffee time, do you separate the Oreo cookies? MIT Researchers Explain How to Make the Filling Stick to the Side Oreology: The Study of Cream-Filled Chocolate Cookies. Jessica Simpson opens up about losing 100 pounds after her pregnancy Jessica Simpson wants you to know that she didn’t lose 100 pounds, or 100 pounds, overnight. Jessica Simpson recounts her efforts to lose weight 0:58 Johnny Depp testified, saying he has never hit a woman Actor Johnny Depp took the stand in a Fairfax, Virginia, court Tuesday in his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The shocking moment in which a woman falls under a train but she comes out unharmed A shocking video released by Trenes Argentinos shows the moment in which a woman falls from the platform while a train is passing, although she managed to save herself. We warn that the images can be disturbing. A woman fell under a train and escaped unharmed 1:37 The world of football sends its condolences to Cristiano Ronaldo The world of football offered its support to Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and his family after the announcement on Monday of the death of your son. The figure of the day 3.6% The IMF warns that Russia’s war in Ukraine will “severely slow down” the world economy. The Fund now expects the global economy to expand by 3.6% in both 2022 and 2023, marking a sharp slowdown from 6.1% growth in 2021. Quote of the day “Pope Francis will travel to Ukraine if you see it possible to contribute something” Cardinal Michael Czerny, sent by the pope to Ukraine, spoke with CNN en Español about what he saw in the war. This is what the cardinal the pope chose for refugees said 1:20 Pick of the Day 11 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone Take a look at our tips for getting the most out of your iPhone’s camera and taking some truly impressive photos. And finally… Meet the most extravagant cruise suites in the world In these cruise suites you will travel very comfortably: it is an experience in which the trip is as exciting as the destination. Meet here the best suites to travel on a cruise 1:38