Ukraine: after “the special operation”, Russian television now speaks of “Third World War”

“The Russian special operation in Ukraine has turned into what can easily be called World War III,” a very popular presenter in Russia said on her show. The word war was outlawed, but the term World War III doesn’t seem to be a problem. After the destruction, last Thursday, of the Russian flagship Moskva by the Ukrainian army, on Russian pro-Kremlin television sets, the anger was perceptible. In the talk show “60 minutes” – a popular political program broadcast on the he government-controlled Russia1 station – well-known Russian presenter Olga Skabeyeva did not hesitate to say last Friday that the current conflict in Ukraine was World War III. “The Russian special operation in Ukraine s ‘has turned into what can easily be called World War III, that’s quite clear,” the presenter said. “Right now we are fighting, and if not against NATO itself- even, at least against NATO infrastructure, and by extension we are fighting against the United States”. “Stop, the special military operation is over”In other excerpts, we can hear him talking about the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, and say “we should seriously think er to destroy the railroads”. At the same time, a guest calls for the bombing of kyiv, while images of heads of foreign governments, visiting the Ukrainian capital, play on the screen. “Stop, the special military operation is over, it has ended last night when our motherland was attacked” launches this man Friday, after the Russian flagship sank. According to him, this is an “absolute case of war”. sanctioned by a freezing of their assets and a travel ban, because of their support for Moscow’s war against Ukraine. Salomé Vincendon Journalist BFMTV