The man broadcast the murder live, the police arrested him –

The murder took place in the US state of Louisiana.BATON ROUGE. Police in the US state of Louisiana led to the body of the murdered Janice Davidov√° a live broadcast of the murder on the social network Facebook. TASR reports this, according to an AP report. Police in the Louisiana capital, Baton Rouge, found a woman’s naked body in a car in the parking lot of the office building. The body was tied to the steering wheel with jump leads, local media reported. The article continues under a video ad. The social network administrators then handed it over to the competent authorities. Police subsequently detained 35-year-old Earl Lee Johnson and charged him with first-degree murder. He allegedly strangled, beat and eventually stabbed his victim. A local police spokesman said the perpetrator and later victim had been under the influence of drugs for days before the incident. added a police spokesman.