Massacre in the family of a Russian multimillionaire: He was found dead in the apartment together with his pregnant wife and daughter! –

Investigators are investigating the mysterious death of Vladislav Avayev, his wife and daughters, and are investigating any links to his work and personal life, the Daily Mail reported. All three had gunshot wounds to their bodies. They were discovered by the adult daughter of the couple Anastasia as she entered the apartment. She told the police that her father was holding the gun at the time. Avaev previously worked as an executive director at Gazprombank, which is a key part of Vladimir Putin’s “gas for ruble” scheme. Its aim is to take action against Western sanctions. He left the bank as vice president, but it was not clear whether he remained in contact with its representatives. He had previously been a representative of the Kremlin’s Putin administration’s main department. He got rich thanks to his construction company. Photo gallery (3) Police sources claim to be investigating several clues.
Source: Some sources claim that after Avajev found out that Jelena was in the fifth month of pregnancy with his driver, there were jealous scenes. However, reports of whether the dead woman was pregnant are ambiguous. Other sources suggest that the wealthy former banker found out that his wife was having an affair and the driver resigned. Police are reportedly investigating several clues. According to Anastasia, a total of thirteen weapons were found in the luxury apartment, which was locked from the inside. Photo gallery (3) Source: Neighbor KristĂ­na said: “I heard three shots and a scream. A woman was screaming. Then two more shots fell. And then no one else was screaming. I looked out the window, I thought it was “It turned out that no, my mother told me they were definitely shots.” According to the neighbors, tragedy could have happened to the sanctions. “Everyone is depressed, some are willing to take extreme steps. Maybe he got into debt as a result and decided to shoot him.” However, another neighbor thinks that the rich man had no reason to kill. “He didn’t look like a maniac. He had no reason to. He was rich, intelligent. There’s no reason why such a man could kill himself. Maybe Avaev and his family were killed. So what does that mean? A man with a gun broke into our house and no one stopped him. “How do we sleep now?”