Cyclonic Vortex towards Italy, from Thursday the rain arrives: the weather

The rains are back, even in Northern Italy hit by an extreme drought. Not only the North but a large part of the country has been experiencing a phase with little rainfall for a long time. Using the SPEI Drought Index (Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index), the lack of rainfall is analyzed together with the effect of evaporation from the soil and transpiration from plants: it is noted that the drought in Winter also reached Central Italy. If we take into consideration even the last 12 months, there is a negative SPEI index with drought in Northern Italy, Center, Sicily and Sardinia. A problem of deficit from North to South, therefore: in fact, even where it rained a little more, the exceptional temperatures of the last 12 months, very hot, immediately made the water evaporate; in this regard we recall the European heat record of 11/08/2021 with 48.8 ° C in Floridia, in the province of Syracuse. Taking into consideration also the heat and the evaporation rate, the SPEI drought index included the major islands in the context of water deficit.A strong drought in 2021-22 also hit Spain and southern France in 2021-22, but surprisingly also Hungary and Northern Ireland! In other words, climate change with Global Warming is also affecting our continent in an anomalous way. Returning to Italy, we are therefore at the great day, the rain will also arrive in Piedmont in the next few hours, a very dry region where practically last Winter it never was. rained. It will return to the dry Po, it will return to the reservoirs that are struggling to produce hydroelectric energy, it will also return to the Center with dry rivers. perturbed fronts from the West will discharge tens of liters of ‘blessed’ water against drought. The farmers will be happy, even the fauna and flora, and all of us who will find in the coming months local fruit and vegetables and not only imported ones. We therefore hope that a lot of rain will fall, at the moment Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site, confirms that the real rainfall will arrive from Wednesday: on Thursday it will be possible in Sardinia and between Emilia and Lower Piedmont 50 liters per square meter, or millimeters that is equivalent; Friday we expect more than 40 liters per square meter, especially in Emilia Romagna and Campania. These are presentation numbers, then we will discover the detail with the arrival of the vortex, approaching the opening of the umbrellas, in the meantime it must be said that we will have good rains from North to South until Saturday, then probably the weather will improve on the central regions. southerners. For the holiday period of April 25th there are still uncertainties, we are optimistic and we say that the sun could return for the Liberation Day: also free from clouds. IN DETAIL: Wednesday 20. In the north: cloudy sky, rains in Piedmont and Liguria. In the center: increasingly widespread clouds, rains in Sardinia from the afternoon. In the south: partly cloudy sky. Thursday 21. In the north: bad weather with widespread rains, less frequent in the north-east. Center: overcast sky with widespread rain. In the south: especially worse on the peninsular regions. Friday 22. In the north: still bad weather, further extending towards the North-East. Middle: bad weather with rain and thunderstorms. In the south: widespread rains, more intense in Campania. From Sunday the weather has improved in the Center-South, 25 April more sunny but to be confirmed.