A horrible find in the rescue nest. The dead body of a newborn lay on the Kramáry in Bratislava TVNOVINY.sk – TVNOVINY.sk

Updated 15:24 19. 4. 2022, 14:44 The dead body of a newborn lay in the rescue nest at Kramáry in Bratislava. The incident is already being investigated by the police. Investigators, a coroner and a forensic technician are on site. “Unfortunately, we found a baby in the rescue nest incubator this morning, without any signs of life. We contacted the police immediately and we are working with the police. We are all very sorry for this tragedy and we are fully cooperating with the police in investigating the causes of the child’s death, “said hospital spokeswoman Dana Kamenická. The newspaper portal was the first to inform about the case, stating that the boy apparently lay in the rescue nest for several days. The hospital did not notice this because a signal allegedly did not work for them, alerting the staff that someone had placed the child in the nest. The exact time and cause of death will be confirmed by an autopsy.