Bihari will end up as the chairwoman of Progressive Slovakia –

19. apr 2022 at 12:35 I Paid content The party maintains eight percent popularity in surveys. BRATISLAVA. Michal Šimečka, the highest-ranking Slovak in the history of the European Parliament, will lead Progressive Slovakia in the municipal, regional and later in the parliamentary elections as the party leader. The current chairwoman, Irena Bihari, will not run for president at the party assembly on May 7, so Šimečka will not have a counter-candidate and it will be enough for him to take over the party presidency if the majority of delegates vote for him. The war in Ukraine has caused that
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Progressive Slovakia, together with Šimeček in the leadership, wants to build voter support on the party’s previous topics. , health or educational program, quotes Šimečka press department PS.Bihari did not get a chance to lead the party in the election Michal Truban was then chairman of the party.