Kristína Svarinská: LADS from Let´s Dance for BEHAVIOR? –

The jury in the seventh round was most enchanted by Zuzana Kubovčíková Šebová. On the floor, however, Kristína Svarinská was much less convincing. Her fan base still dedicated her to standing ovation. “And he gets up in the audience again, on at least one side. That’s probably the paid extra that you talked about last week bringing. Attila has already asked how much you pay to applaud you, “laughed Viktor Vincze, to which Kristína said angrily:” I don’t pay, the guy pays. I greet everyone in this way, “said Svarinská, who aimed at articles published in the media about how much her young boyfriend, youtuber Explo, earns. Kristína Svarinská was also quite upset during the evaluation. Source: tv awning However, the jury’s evaluation did not add to her mood either. “If anyone really pisses me off, it’s you. You are young, dynamic, you have everything, but in my opinion, you train little and do stupid things there! It doesn’t have to be taken lightly, “Tatiana Drexler told her, and Kristína reacted quite irritably:” I guess so. ” “Are you sad, Kristina?” She asked her. Svarinska assured her with a strong smile that everything was fine. Viewers have also noticed that Kristína has changed a lot lately. “She seemed very strange to me, she can’t stand still, she still throws with herself and the reactions,” wrote the viewer Petra. “Such a frightened ‘tea’,” added another. “She has been behaving strangely since she had a hare in the audience. He has reactions and answers as a teenager, I didn’t notice that she would behave like this before, “others agreed. In terms of terms, she was again supported by the guy Explo. Source: tv awning When she subsequently found herself in the danger zone together with Dominika Cibulková, it probably didn’t surprise anyone that she was the one who dropped out. This is despite the fact that her boyfriend, who is watched by up to 554,000 people on Instagram, published her SMS number in videos. That her “bonds” in the show would be broken by her sharpened commentary on her boyfriend’s address and consequently a huge change in behavior? However, the end of the show does not save Kristina. “That’s the way to win Let´s Dance, even if you drop out,” Svarinská wrote in a photo in love with her young boyfriend. Read also: Author: dd