Frosty shots from Czech roads: VIDEO After a serious accident with three injuries, the helicopter had to intervene! Firefighters had their hands full –

In the accident, which occurred on Sunday evening at about half past eight, two fire brigades intervened. “The driver (1970) of a Volkswagen Sharan passenger car was supposed to avoid a deer from preliminary information, while the vehicle went in the opposite direction, where it collided with a passing Toyota Yaris vehicle. There was a driver in the vehicle (1997) and a co-driver man (1992), “says the portal A total of three people were injured in the accident, and a young driver remained trapped in one of the vehicles. “Firefighters immediately began a demanding rescue with hydraulic tools. They used the cylinders to push the dashboard to free the injured woman’s legs, and they used scissors and an expander to create an entrance through the fifth door, “said the Czech fire brigade. Photo gallery (3) Source: Fire and Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region With the help of paramedics, the injured woman was carefully rescued and immediately taken by helicopter to the hospital. “A 29-year-old woman suffered serious injuries to both her lower limbs and her upper limb. She remained stuck in the car and needed to be released. Before that, however, rescuers loaded her neck collar, secured her venous access and gave her painkillers. The patient was subsequently placed in a vacuum mattress and, after further operations as part of pre-hospital emergency care, transported by air to the Ostrava University Hospital for an emergency. Two middle-aged men were treated by emergency medical crews with minor chest injuries. Then the rescuers transported them to the Ostrava City Hospital and handed them over to the care of paramedics of the local emergency reception, “the portal quoted Lukáš Humpl, a spokesman for Czech rescuers. Photo gallery (3) Source: Fire and Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region The liberation takes place along the axis of the impact – it is therefore gentle on the spine – and at the same time the fifth door offers the largest opening into the crashed vehicle, “the fire brigade explained. They ended the elimination of the consequences of the accident around midnight. The driver also underwent a breath test with a negative result. This was not possible with the driver of the other vehicle due to severe injuries