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Zuzana Kronerová (70) comes from a famous acting family. The daughter of Jozef Kroner and Terezia Hurbanová-Kronerová originally wanted to study philology, but eventually graduated in acting. She celebrated her life anniversary on April 17th! yesterday 8:00 Gallery of the article (37 photos) Zuzana Kronerová was born in Martin. Her father was the important actor Jozef Kroner and her mother was the actress Terézie Hurbanová-Kronerová. In 1974 she joined the Theater for Children and Youth in Trnava and in 1979 she moved to the New Stage in Bratislava. She has appeared in many television productions, series, films and lent her voice to many famous actresses, but Whoopi Goldberg is the first to attack everyone. Zuzana Kronerová celebrated 70! Source: NMH Archive For many years she is married to Milan Hladký, with whom she has two daughters. Their marriage never faced a scandal or a problem. Her cousin is actor Ján Kroner. She is also known for her famous colored glasses. In 2017, she surprised the fans when she showed herself completely naked in Bohdam’s film Bába from Ice. When the film was broadcast by RTVS, she cut out key shots. See how time went with her … Author: tam Discussion () Share the article