Ukraine, Macron: “With Putin, dialogue interrupted after Bucha”

The dialogue with Vladimir Putin was interrupted after the discovery of the Bucha massacres, more than two weeks ago, but does not rule out resuming it. This is what French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with France 5, during which he also said that he will return to Kiev, “but to bring something useful, to make a difference”, not just for ” show support “. “Since we discovered the massacres in Bucha and other cities, the war has taken a different turn,” said Macron, in a reference to his relationship with Vladimir Putin, whom he heard several times before and during the invasion of Ukraine. , also on behalf of the current EU presidency – for which I have not spoken to him directly since then, but I do not rule out doing so in the future “. Macron does not rule out going to Ukraine, but on condition that he can do something useful. “I will return to Kiev, but I will return to do something useful, not just to show support,” said the French president.