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The popular actress has a beautiful relationship with her daughters and is rightly proud of them, one of them even follows in her mother’s footsteps. In the new campaign, they get along very well. One of her most beautiful campaigns. Victoria`s Secret is coming up with a new interesting campaign. Within it, he wants to point out the strong bond between mothers and daughters and the interconnection of generations, which we often see through their connection. Brooke Shields and her daughter Grier became the stars of their ads. Celebrating a woman through motherhood The actress is the mother of two daughters – 18-year-old Rowan and 15-year-old Grier. The younger of them is now following in her mother’s footsteps and trying it on in modeling. Both therefore appeared in a wonderful campaign prepared by the Victoria’s Secret brand. In it, she points to the power of motherhood and shows how special not only women but also their daughters are: “It was very emotional and it was as if I was watching my little girl grow right in front of my eyes. It was a really proud moment that I could be a model by my daughter for such a meaningful campaign. Being among such dynamic women with such beautiful mother and daughter stories is a clear message of Victoria’s Secret’s commitment to celebrating all women, “Brooke told InStyle magazine. The favorite actress was moved by the whole campaign and she really liked how she also highlighted her relationship with her daughter. The fashion industry has changed a lot.Brooke Shields started in the show business as an 11-year-old girl. Her daughter is now four years older, which gives her at least one small advantage over her mother. Knowing how difficult this job was, she tried to protect her daughters from her. However, Grier was eventually seduced and appeared alongside her mother in photos and videos from the event. Brooke said in an interview that now the world of modeling is completely different than when she entered it. According to her, it is definitely more difficult, but she is still not afraid of her daughter. Brooke said that she is very intelligent and smart, so she is more than sure that she will not get lost in this industry either. Like all mothers at this age, she experiences similarly funny situations with them. Girls like to show off and like Shields, they also have a weakness for fashion. Therefore, they have no problem catching in her wardrobe and choosing the most interesting pieces. “Both of my daughters are attacking my closet basically every day,” she said with a laugh. As an interest, she also revealed what they are most interested in. The Shields also said in her statement that she is very proud to have been part of the campaign of this popular brand. As a result, she was able to get involved in the beginning of her daughter’s career and thus publicly supported her. Brooke and Grier were the only known faces in advertising. However, many women and their girls appeared in front of the cameras. They all remembered their childhood, what it was like to see their little princess grow. Then they confessed their feelings to each other and talked about why they are so rare and what they value. They said many moving words in front of the cameras, which only underline this exceptional and lifelong relationship.