Government of Paraguay repeals health emergency due to covid-19

(Related video) The delta variant worries Paraguay 3:46 (CNN Spanish) –– The Presidency of Paraguay repealed this Monday the decree that declared the health emergency due to covid-19, in force since March 2020. The decision is based on reports from the Ministry of Health that show an improvement in the epidemiological situation, as explained in a tweet. The text of the decree, which bears the signature of President Mario Abdo Benítez, indicates that there has been a “considerable” decrease in cases of covid-19, hospitalized and deceased in the last 10 weeks. According to a technical report from the health authorities on April 16, less than 250 infections were confirmed in the last seven days. In addition to a “persistence of a downward trend at the national level.” During the health emergency, preventive measures such as quarantines and other restrictions on mobility were issued.