War in Ukraine: Moscow cruiser sank, first PHOTO – Pluska.sk

The Kremlin, as otherwise, denies again, claiming that the vessel was in fact sent an “internal explosion” into the depths caused by a fire that penetrated the ammunition depot. The ship allegedly sank while the victim was being towed to the port. However, testimonies directly from the site of the tragedy – and social networks – say something else. According to the independent Russian daily Novaya Gazeta Europe, which refers to the mother of one of the surviving crew members, at least 40 sailors were killed at the cruiser. About 200 people are injured – often seriously because the rocket explosion and the subsequent explosion of ammunition have amputated many limbs. Dozens of Russians are missing, including young conscripts who have been drafted into the war with the promise that they will not fight directly at the front. Apparently it was another lie of the Kremlin. Russian President and military aggressor Vladimir Putin (69) had a ceremonial parade of the Moscow garrison held in Sevastopol over the weekend, apparently to prove the authenticity of his claims. According to foreign media, the event was attended by 150 to 250 sailors – where hundreds of others took part, the Russians did not explain. The commander of the Russian navy met with the crew of the sunken cruiser The commander of the Russian navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, met in Sevastopol with the crew of the sunken missile cruiser Moscow. He said on that occasion that all its members would continue to serve in the navy. According to the TASS agency, Yevmenov also said that the crew of the Moscow cruiser would be released from service for a definite period – from May to June – in accordance with the law. At the same time, he assured that the traditions of the Moscow cruiser will be carefully preserved and will continue. My son wept on my phone that what he was soaked in. According to the mother of one of the soldiers serving on board, the cruiser sank on April 13. “My son told me that the ship was hit by Ukrainians from the mainland, because the fire would not just happen. He called me as soon as they gave them the rescue phones. He cried and didn’t want to tell me the details, they were scary, “the British Daily Mail quoted the unnamed sailor’s mother as saying. The Russian cruiser Moscow was equipped with attack systems that were able to destroy ships and air units. Therefore, the ship contained a large amount of ammunition, which exploded after being hit by two Ukrainian missiles. Source: Getty Images According to her statement, it is clear that the survivors will not be allowed to leave so soon, probably in order for the Russian team to minimize the risk of media coverage of additional information. , whose father has vowed to find out the truth about his son’s fate. “I asked the captain of the ship how it was possible that he and the officers were alive, but my son, an ordinary consort, was not? They stopped communicating with me, “the brave man revealed, urging everyone to” think for themselves. ” “I, Dmitrij Škrebec, the father of Jegor Škrebec, refer this to everyone who is not afraid and who does not care. Spread it out so that the bastards can’t hide it. I will dedicate the rest of my life to the search for truth. A person who loses a child in such scary circumstances is not afraid of anything, “he wrote on the social network VKontakte, adding that others would copy this report, because they will soon” delete it “. The fate of another consort, 24-year-old Mark, is unknown. Tarasov, who was recruited shortly after graduating from the University of St. Petersburg in the fall of 2021. Judging by what the earlier Russian authorities said – that the conscripts would not take part in the war directly – neither he nor Yegor nor others should be there. Nevertheless, their parents inform them otherwise on social networks and lament the horrific deaths of missing children. Read more Only 19-year-old Putin’s daughter rents a luxury penthouse to MEGA: The Moses of Šuvix, gold and … Author: mar