Ukraine, Isis to militiamen: “Use Russia’s war to attack Europe”

Using the war in Ukraine as a distraction to carry out attacks in Europe and claim former leaders killed. This is the appeal made by the Islamic State (Isis) to its militiamen. “We announce, with God’s help, the start of a blessed battle to reclaim the two Sheikhs Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi and Sheikh al-Muhajir Abu Hamzah al-Qurayshi,” said the new ISIS spokesman. , Abu Omar al-Muhajir, in an audio message broadcast on Telegram. Inviting all jihadists to resume attacks in Europe and take advantage of the war in Ukraine, the ISIS spokesman addressed ” all the lions of the Caliphate and the Islamic State fighters everywhere. If you hit, hit hard in a way that causes pain and terrifies. ” It is hoped, the spokesman for the jihadist group added, that the war in Ukraine will not end until “the crusaders are burned and their territories destroyed”. Read also In March, ISIS confirmed the death of its former leader al-Qurayshi, killed in early February in a US military operation in northwestern Syria, and the appointment of Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi as successor .