Bucha massacre, Putin rewards Russian soldiers for “acts of heroism”

Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to ‘reward’ the unit stationed in the Ukrainian city of Bucha accused of the terrible massacres that have emerged in recent days. Putin awarded the honorary title of “Guard” to the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade. According to what can be read on the Kremlin website, the decision – evidently provocative – is justified by “the mass heroism, courage and strength that was demonstrated by the military during the war actions of the effective personnel of the defense of the homeland and of state interests” . Read also “While someone is discussing whether Russian crimes in Ukraine can be called ‘genocide’, Russia continues to laugh in the face of the world,” writes on Twitter Mykhailo Podolyak, Ukraine’s chief negotiator and advisor to President Volodymyr Zelensky, by the way. of the honor awarded by Putin “for acts of heroism”. “You mean the murder of children and the rape of women?” Asks Podolyak sarcastically.