Easter Monday, 13 thousand at the Bioparco in Rome

On the first Easter Monday after Covid, over 13 thousand visitors chose the Rome Bioparco to spend the traditional outing among rhinos, sea lions, giraffes, elephants, lions and many other animals. Since the opening of the gates and throughout the day, the flow of visitors, most of them families of tourists, Roman and non-Roman, has been continuous and regular. “There is nothing that can make our staff more happy and proud than a large, but disciplined and respectful public, on a day of sunshine and serenity”, underlined the president of the Bioparco, the biologist Francesco Petretti. “Thousands of adults and children we have transmitted a message of awareness and attention to the values ​​of the environment and biodiversity through our magnificent animals, and why not – concludes Petretti – also of optimism for a future in harmony between mankind and nature. it just depends on us “.