The 5 things you should know this July 21: Pedro Castillo faces a divided Peru

Joe Biden will participate in a CNN forum in Cincinnati this Wednesday. The battle against the pandemic in the United States is not over. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Pedro Castillo faces a divided Peru

Peru finally has a new president after a tense and long electoral battle that left the socialist Pedro Castillo as the winner, and the elected president now has the challenge of healing the wounds of a country where deep divisions have emerged.


America’s pandemic battle is not over

It has not finished. Nor is it close to over. If Joe Biden’s July 4 fireworks marked a time to declare the end of the pandemic’s darkest days, Monday was the day it became a reality that the nation’s fight against covid-19 is underway. quickly in the wrong direction. Analysis by Stephen Collinson.

Getting vaccinated would ‘hang’ the coronavirus, according to congressman 1:49


Biden orders the review of remittances to Cuba

US President Joe Biden has directed his administration to examine remittances to Cuba in the wake of protests on the island to determine ways that US residents can send money to the country, a senior official told CNN. of the administration.

Remittances to Cuba cannot be received in dollars 2:18


What extreme events reveal about the climate crisis

Climate scientists have warned for decades that the crisis would lead to more extreme weather, one that would become deadlier and more frequent. But many scientists are expressing surprise that heat and rainfall records are being broken by such large margins.

More than 520,000 hectares have been lost to fires in the United States. 4:35


Joe Biden to participate in a CNN forum in Cincinnati this Wednesday

CNN will hold a forum with President Joe Biden at 8 PM, Miami time, this Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, which will be broadcast live on CNN Spanish. Don Lemon will moderate the event live, broadcast internationally, and it is expected to focus on a wide range of issues facing the nation, from Covid-19 to the economy.

The funny interaction between Brady and Biden 0:44

At coffee time

Why did Jeff Bezos go into space and return within a few minutes?

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, took a supersonic round trip to space this Tuesday morning for 11 minutes aboard the rocket and capsule system developed by his space company, Blue Origin. What is Bezos’s plan?

Bezos: Travel to space is important for the environment 2:54

Most romantic relationships start as friendships, study finds

Contrary to popular perception that love often springs from passion, a new study reveals that two-thirds of romantic relationships start out as long friendships.

They study links between friendship and love relationships 0:43

Harvey Weinstein Extradited to Los Angeles to Face More Sexual Assault Charges

Harvey Weinstein was transferred to California on Tuesday morning by court order, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Oversight confirmed to CNN.

Weinstein victims to receive $ 17 million 0:48

The world’s best airlines in 2021, according to

As air travel returns in some regions, published its annual list of the best airlines in the world to help travelers decide which airline to choose for their return to the skies.

Check out this TikTok guru’s travel tips 2:59

The number of the day

More than 3 million

The United States began shipping more than 3 million additional COVID-19 vaccines to certain Central American countries on Tuesday, a White House official told CNN.

Biden’s assistant confirms shipment of vaccines to Argentina 0:34

Quote of the day

“I write this not as the prince I was born to be, but as the man I have become”

Prince Harry, one of the most talked about figures in the world, will publish a memoir next year that he calls “totally truthful.”

Day selection

This July 21, World Dog Day is celebrated

Waterproof rain boots, toys and accessories for man’s best friend.

And to finish…

Watch Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin crew float (and throw candy at each other) in space

Watch Jeff Bezos and his crew float in space 1:30

These are the first images of Jeff Bezos and the other astronauts aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule as they reach zero gravity in space. Bezos and his brother Mark saluted their mother as the crew members spun in the capsule. To test weightlessness, Sweet Skittles flew around and were caught by Oliver Daemen.

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