Covid, the study: from 3 ‘old’ drugs with high protective efficacy

A new hope for drug therapy against Covid comes from a study conducted in Israel. Three drugs, already in use for other diseases, “have shown that they can protect cells from attack by the virus with an effectiveness close to 100%, which means that almost 100% of the cells survived despite being infected” by Sars- CoV-2. This was reported by Isaiah Arkin, a biochemist of the Hebrew University, in an interview with ‘The Time of Israel’. The study, which opened up to laboratory testing of the 3 drugs, has been submitted for review by other scientists. According to Arkin, “under normal circumstances about half of the cells would have died within 2 days of contact with the virus.” Furthermore, according to work that examined over 3,000 drugs to verify their anti-Covid effectiveness, there is a good chance that these drugs are effective against variants of the pandemic coronavirus. The drugs that have passed this ‘selection’ are: “Darapladib, currently used for the treatment of atherosclerosis; the anticancer flumatinib is a medicine for HIV”, specifies the scientist, specifying that these active ingredients “do not target the Spike protein “of Sars-CoV-2,” but two other proteins that hardly change with the development of variants “.

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