Covid Gb, Johnson on reopening: “If not now when?”

Reopening Great Britain right now is the right thing to do, albeit with due caution. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson underlined this on the occasion of ‘Freedom day’, the day in which almost all the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus were lifted, including respect for social distancing and the obligation to wear the mask indoors. “I want to remind you all why I think it is right to take this step now. No matter how difficult it may seem, the logic remains the same”, said Johnson, forced to speak to the press via videoconference because he was in solitary confinement after contacts with the minister. of Health, Sajid Javid, tested positive for Covid. “If we don’t open now, we will face even tougher conditions in the colder months when the virus has a natural advantage,” said Johnson, according to whom the reopening comes after an effective vaccination campaign . “Further restrictions no longer prevent hospitalizations and deaths, but simply delay the inevitable. We have to ask, if not now, when?” The prime minister said, also insisting on the importance of testing, tracing any positives and isolating. suspected cases. “I know how frustrating it is for everyone who has been affected – he added – I want to explain that people identified as case contacts are at least five times more likely to be infected than others and, even if they have been vaccinated, there is a significant risk that they may still transmit the disease. “

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