Delta variant in France: train, cinema and restaurant passes. Son: “Good idea”

France announces new measures against the Delta variant of Covid. From 21 July you will need a pass to enter restaurants, cinemas or theaters. “In all events or places where more than 50 people are gathered”, explains French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking of the obligation to show the document certifying vaccination or negativity with respect to the Coronavirus for all French citizens over 12 years of age. . Read also Passes for restaurants and transport like in France? “I agree with Macron that vaccination is one of the keys to returning to normalcy” said the special commissioner for the Covid emergency general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, guest last night of Tg2 Post on RaiDue. “To convince the last diehards using the green pass for this type of event could be a good solution. It could also be a boost for vaccination. ” Vaccine compulsory for healthcare professionals Vaccination will be compulsory in France for healthcare personnel. President Macron specified that it will concern “all those who are in contact with fragile people” both “health and non-health personnel of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, facilities for people with disabilities, all professionals or volunteers who work in contact with fragile people, even at home “. The hypothesis of the mandatory vaccine for all” Our country is affected by a strong resumption of the epidemic that affects all territories “, he said, recalling that the appearance of the Delta variant it translates into “an increase in contamination in the world”. “If we do not act immediately, the number of cases will continue to increase strongly and hospitalizations will be on the rise from August”. “We have a main resource: the vaccine”, underlined President Macron, explaining that “it solidly protects us against the Delta variant and avoids 95% of severe forms”. “The more we vaccinate – he added – the less space we will leave for the virus to spread, the more we will avoid hospitalizations”. “This is a new speed race that is being launched. But if vaccination does not increase sufficiently, we will have to” ask ourselves the question of compulsory vaccination for all French people “, he warned.” We must move towards vaccination for all, because it is the only way to return to normal life “he concludes.

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