Great advertisement for Slovak hockey: We have a wider base than we think – Š

In the picture, the team of Slovakia before the start of the match of the A-group of the 1st Division World Championship under 18 years of age Source: TASR – Lukáš Grinaj PIEŠŤANY – The coach of Slovak hockey players under 18 years of age had two wishes before the domestic tournament of the A-group of the 1st Division World Championship In addition to advancing, Ivan Feneš also set a second goal, to win the entire tournament. His charges eventually succeeded without losing a point. The young Slovaks gradually defeated Japan 8: 2, Norway 5: 2, France 6: 3, Denmark 3: 1 and Kazakhstan 5: 3. With a full 15 points, they took first place in the table, the second Norwegians gained three points less. However, together with the Slovaks, they fought their way into the elite category. “I’m glad that when we said before the tournament that we wanted five victories, it wasn’t just words to the wind. It was an amazing game and the tournament was extremely challenging. If it was a figure skating championship, the artistic impression would not be the best, but this was hockey and we won five matches. That’s important. We filled the point of view, it’s an experience for guys and a great advertisement for Slovak hockey, “said Feneš after the last match in the tournament. In the final appearance against Kazakhstan, his trustees suffered two-thirds, but then they broke the opponent and enjoyed the obligatory victory. “I was calmer before this match, because the guys had enough energy, even though they had celebrations in their heads. So the match wasn’t eye-catching, but when we needed it, the team’s strength showed. I’m glad we were able to win it.” Photo gallery (3) Source: TASR – Lukáš Grinaj The coach was pleased with several things, but especially that the team’s greatest support is given to the opportunity among seniors. “This shows that we have a wider base than we think. If players gain confidence, they will return it with their performances. It is a great future for Slovak hockey.” And the coaches could not use one of the greatest talents Filip Mešár, who was injured during the playoff series Poprad with Nitra, Juraj Slafkovský has duties in the Finnish league in the Turku jersey. Nitra Šimon Nemec and Adam Sýkora only played against the Norwegians, because they also have club duties in the “A”. “The boys were with us in preparation and supported us from a distance. So they were with us,” Feneš added. The helmsman of the Slovaks then praised his colleagues, praising the cooperation: “I tried to be positive. I believed that if we did the things we wanted, we would be successful. Colleagues made a piece of good robots and not only at these World Championships. Our implementation team was strong and the players trusted us. I have been to the national team for the tenth year and he has used his experience. The World Cups are something extra. ” Photo gallery (3) Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj The general manager of the national team Miroslav Šatan also watched the performance of the young hockey players in Piešťany, so one of Feneš’s team could get me to the men’s championship in Finland. For example, Dalibor Dvorský, who showed leadership skills. “He played among men in Sweden. We will be surprised,” Feneš responded. Author: © List Source: TASR