Zaki and the comment on Juve-Bologna: “From insults to hatred, I don’t understand”

Rain of insults yesterday on Patrick Zaki after a comment on the match between Juventus and Bologna. Today the Egyptian student has thus decided to explain himself and reply to the criticisms of the tweet which read: “Two red cards, they are still paying. Come on Bologna”. Yesterday, he writes in a long post on Facebook, “I decided to comment on the match between Bologna and Juventus, saying something that I think is very normal among football fans all over the world. I was faced with dozens of insults and attacks. , up to hatred. I don’t mind having regular heated discussions with fans of different teams, I love football and appreciate this kind of fun. However, when I found out that people were hoping for me to go back to jail and be silenced, it really struck me how hate speech can be triggered so easily. I honestly don’t understand how this escalation has been so rapid and why after two years of silence, I am attacked by the same people who once supported me, just because I said the my opinion about the match. I didn’t want to offend anyone with my words and I accept every person’s right to express their opinion, I just hope people let me exercise my right essential to say my opinion on a match “, he points out. “In a world full of all sorts of censorship from various actors – continues Zaki -, I always bet on people to protect the freedom of speech of others even if I disagree. If I can’t say my opinion. about football without being attacked, I’m not sure how I should recover my voice in more important matters. Still, I love all football fans and I understand that sometimes our love for our team makes us a little defensive but I draw the line to attack someone’s personal life and wish bad things on them. In the end, I want to thank everyone who supported me at any time and those who still support me, you rekindle my faith in humanity. Come on Bologna “, the conclusion of the post.