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yesterday 13:55 | Slovan Bratislava footballers scored a draw point (0: 0) on the field of the second Ružomberok, which they needed to win the championship four laps ahead. The twelfth championship in the era of independence is absolutely deserved. The question is whether our master’s current season from the last four seasons will be enough on the international stage. Read also ŠK Slovan is a master! In Ružomberok, a goal-free draw was enough for his twelfth title. This idea was outlined in an interview for the daily Šport immediately after the meeting by former national team striker Martin Jakubko, whom we approached to evaluate the hit of the sixth superstructure round and Slovan’s ride for the title. How did you like the match under Čebrať? “I admit that I was a little disappointed as the second hosted the first. Slavicists can probably only be satisfied that they have won the title. Ruzomberok played organized and did not take risks. I was surprised that the home team had more of the game in the first half. The second act was influenced by a red card for Ján Masl. Slovan then dominated the possession of the ball, but lacked creativity. The guests could not prevail. “It is a pity that Weiss and Barseghjan could not play for the Slavs, and also that not only Maslo but also Moses and the Shelves lost during the match domác” I agree. Unfortunately, Slovan is without Weiss Jr. half weaker team. There is no other player in the master’s team that replaces Vlada in terms of creativity. This also shows huge gaps in the team and the white game towards the Cup Europe. ”Read also Coach Weiss evaluates the match with Ružomberok: We have the title, but I will always be critical … Slovan reached the Slovak historical maximum with the fourth title in a row. What does this show? “Slovan has the best team in Slovakia for a long time. However, what is enough in our country may not be enough in cup Europe. Unfortunately, the whites are also harmed by the fact that they do not have much competition on the domestic scene to prepare the team for international matches. It has to do with the economic power of clubs. Our players are paid in average league teams as in a regular job that you can do for a lifetime. Every slightly better footballer escapes abroad, at least to the surrounding competitions, in which players are better paid. ”In particular, what should Slovan make progress in order to be competitive on the international stage? „Coach Vladimír Weiss st. has definitely everything thoroughly analyzed. He knows where he needs the team to strengthen. I personally feel that Slovan has a hard time playing without Vlad. He is a key player of the team. It is not good when the quality of the whole team’s game falls with the absence of one football player. They have to think about it at the club. ”“ I admit I’ve been a little disappointed since the second hosted the first. Slavicists can probably only be satisfied that they have won the title. Martin Jakubko What is the uniqueness of Vladimír Weiss Jr.? How is it different compared to other players? “First of all, he is a creative football player who, after winning the ball, tries one-on-one fights and is not afraid to avoid an opponent. The match in Ružomberok showed that very few master players are capable of it. Gaining space on the opponent’s half by winning a personal duel is a useful weapon to overcome the opponent’s defense. I missed Slovan’s game that the players didn’t even try to go into one-on-one battles. Vlada is trying to double, but still makes some ingenious pass, or addresses a teammate a great center. That’s why he’s the best player in our league. ”Which Slovan players besides Vladimír Weiss Jr. do you still meet the strict criteria? “The question is, what criteria are we talking about? About the necessary criteria for assertion in Slovakia or in Europe? If I were to rate players based on this match, I would have to be strict. Coach Vladimír Weiss st. he certainly knows who has the potential. Personally, I regretted one thing in the duel in Ružomberok, the absent deployment. Although I don’t have a title in Slovakia, since I played for Banská Bystrica by leading, I know how we rode on the field to achieve good results. In this duel, I lacked pace and desire on the part of the master. I didn’t see much enthusiasm there. If there were more Slovak players in Slovan, it might look different. Legionnaires will probably be more satisfied with the idea that they have a comfortable lead and the title will come anyway. ”Read also Did Weiss indicate the end in Slovan? We’ll see what happens next. I have a contract for the summer Ružomberok has already dropped mathematically from the fight for the championship title, but it has a three-point lead over the third Trnava after today. What are you saying to Lipták this season? “It is necessary to take off the hat before the work of coach Petr Struhár, who is in the league for the first year. The Ružomberok game works well, the Liptovs play conscientiously and play. Of course, there is no need to draw conclusions from one season. Just remember how coach Ľuboš Benkovský fought with Zlaté Moravce last year for Europe and today he will fight FC ViOn for rescue. It can also happen to Ružomberok if three – four nasal players leave. The work of a coach is very difficult, it only needs to be evaluated in detail after a few years. However, Ružomberok deserves recognition for this season. Quality performances are performed by a team of purely Slovak players, which is also worth noting. ”OVERVIEW OF SLOVAKIA CHAMPIONS 1993/94 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 1994/95 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 1995/96 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 1996/97 1. FC KOŠICE 1997/98 FC KOŠICE 1998/99 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 1999/00 INTER BRATISLAVA 2000/01 INTER BRATISLAVA 2001/02 MŠK ŽILINA 2002/03 MŠK ŽILINA 2003/04 MŠK ŽILINA 2004/05 FC ARTMEDIA PETRŽALKA 2005/06 MFK RUŽOMBEROK 2006/07 MŠK ŽILINA 2007 / 08 FC ARTMEDIA BRATISLAVA 2009/09 SK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2009/10 MŠK ŽILINA 2010/11 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2011/12 MŠK ŽILINA 2012/13 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2013/14 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2014/15 AS TRENČÍN 2015/16 AS TRENČÍN 2016 / 17 MŠK ŽILINA 2017/18 FC SPARTAK TRNAVA 2018/19 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2019/20 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2020/21 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 2021/22 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA NOTE. The season is followed by the name of the winner of the new year. OVERVIEW OF SLOVAKIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS BY NUMBER OF TITLES 12 ŠK SLOVAN BRATISLAVA 7 MŠK ŽILINA 2 1. FC KOŠICE, INTER BRATISLAVA, ARTMEDIA PETRŽALKA, AS TRENČÍN 1 MFK RUŽOMBEROK, FC SPARTAK TRNAVA NOTE. The number of titles is followed by the clubs that collected them.

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