Thousands of refugees have already joined in Slovakia: They also take jobs that Slovaks do not want! Clear words of ministries –

It all started on February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine. More than a month and a half have passed since this aggressive act in our eastern neighbors, and hundreds of thousands to millions of Ukrainians have decided to leave their homes. While some have moved to the west of the country, where heavy fighting is not taking place at the moment, others have decided to go to the western countries to join their families. Archive VIDEO The government has approved an increase in the number of places in crèches by ten percent, the labor sector also wants to address the shortage of places in kindergartens, said Krajniak A Slovakia is also a temporary refuge for many Ukrainians. Since the beginning of the war, more than 324,000 Ukrainians have crossed the Slovak-Ukrainian border. Many have asked the Slovak authorities for temporary refuge status so that they can find work here, settle here until the situation improves and enroll children in schools or kindergartens. According to the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, 3,440 Ukrainian citizens were employed in Slovakia by Monday, April 11. Especially in professions that Slovaks are not interested in, ie they occupy such positions that have long solved the problem of labor shortages. Most of them are in production For example, it is work in production, namely in 52 percent, auxiliary and support professions in 29 percent and cleaning or cleaning in 11 percent. A total of 930 Ukrainians were employed as assembly workers in production, 325 Ukrainians as production plant operators, 295 refugees as cleaners, 241 as kitchen assistants, 215 people as warehouse workers, 70 Ukrainians as engineering assistants, 34 refugees as bus drivers , truck or van and 13 as carers in a facility for the elderly with disabilities. Photo gallery (8) Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj “The number of vacancies on the Slovak labor market suitable for filling by foreigners is currently more than 32,000. These are positions that have not been filled for a long time due to the low interest of Slovak citizens. As a rule, they have a lower level of qualification, for which the language barrier is not an obstacle. The largest share of jobseekers from Ukraine can be employed in the sector of operators and fitters of machinery and equipment, then as auxiliary and unskilled workers, such as cleaning, warehouse assistants, production assistants, and also as service and trade workers, such as chefs , caregivers, waiters, “informed the Ministry of Labor. Photo gallery (8) Source: Getty Images Positive impact on the Slovak economy As they added, however, there will soon be an increase in seasonal positions, in the range of approximately 60,000 jobs. In total, about 92,000 vacancies will be available to Ukrainians. The Ministry also pointed out that there is currently an imbalance between demand and supply on the Slovak labor market, and a shortage of labor is thus reported by several market segments. “Therefore, the arrival of labor from Ukraine may have a positive effect on the Slovak economy. Employers who are unable to fill jobs for a long time welcome the workforce of Ukrainian detainees. Employees of labor offices mediate contacts with these employers or offer them specific jobs directly. Citizens of Ukraine with temporary refuge are not included in the register of job seekers. Information about the possibility of employment is provided either in large-capacity centers or directly at the employment office, “the ministry clarified. Photo gallery (8) Source: TASR With the help of a questionnaire, officials can easily find out if refugees want to get a job and what job position they would prefer. If the job is vacant, they will forward the contact to the refugee to the employer. In addition, according to the Ministry of Labor, all offices provide information and counseling services to refugees in finding a job and adapting to a new job. “Employers are obliged to notify the employment office in the form of an information card of the data on the employment of the third-country national at the beginning and at the end of the employment. The salary evaluation of Ukrainians depends on their abilities and skills depending on their job classification, as in the case of employment of Slovak citizens. The basic component of wages is also listed in the advertisements on the portal. According to the Labor Code, when concluding an employment contract, the employer may not agree with the employee on the basic component of wages in a lower amount than the amount of the basic component of wages, which he published in the job offer according to a special regulation. Due to the fact that a foreigner may not earn less than a Slovak citizen, there is an objective assumption that foreigners are not an obstacle to wage growth, “they concluded. Photo gallery (8) Source: TASR Helps infographics The Ministry of Education has chosen similar steps. This made it clear that if parents fleeing Ukraine want to enroll their children in school, they must contact the selected schools directly. The Ministry of Education therefore prepared an infographic that made it easier for refugees to find schools with vacancies. In the infographics, school facilities regularly report what capacity they have and how many children they can accept. In the infographics, they will also find contacts for those schools that meet their parents’ criteria. However, Ukrainian teachers who want to work in education will also find the necessary information on the website of the Ministry of Education. It is necessary to fill in the form, where in addition to the qualification, he must also state the city or region in which he wants to work. Photo gallery (8) Source: Getty Images „According to available information from the register, from 24 February 2022 to 8 April 2022 we registered 6,248 enrolled children of Ukrainian refugees – of which 774 in kindergartens, 4,892 in primary schools and 618 in secondary schools, out of the total number of 24% in the Bratislava region. Of the 211 schools that have filled in the register of vacancies on the website of the Ministry of Education, we register 6,300 vacancies in all grades. As of April 8, 2022, we have 34 Ukrainian refugees employed in education – they are pedagogical staff, professional staff, but a significant share is represented by administrative and operational staff, “said the Ministry of Education, who also thought about the language barriers of Ukrainian citizens. Photo gallery (8) Source: Getty Images For this reason, they organize language courses for Ukrainian citizens and children fleeing the war, which teaches the Slovak language. The Ministry also clarified that textbooks of Ukrainian language and literature are currently approved for schools with Ukrainian as the language of instruction and the teaching of the Ukrainian language. Textbooks for other subjects are not translated into Ukrainian. “The State Pedagogical Institute is currently preparing and gradually publishing on its website methodological materials and a translation dictionary of basic terms for primary schools in the Ukrainian language as well,” they clarified and continued. Archive VIDEO representative selection of standardized terms from educational standards (content standard) of individual elementary school subjects: Language and communication – Slovak language and literature, Mathematics and work with information – mathematics, informatics, Man and nature – elementary school, science, biology, physics, chemistry, Man and society – homeland studies, geography, history, civics. The dictionary is an aid not only for foreign pupils attending primary school in the Slovak Republic, pedagogical staff of primary schools and parents / legal representatives of a foreign pupil, but also for pupils. The translation dictionary will also include a pictorial appendix and a thematic dictionary for individual subjects, which the pedagogical institute will publish in the coming days, “they explained. for kindergartens. Photo gallery (8) Source: Getty Images According to the ministry, the school and all school staff should pay due attention to Ukrainian children, because for a student, a change in the team is a psychological burden. All the more so when he does not understand Slovak as a language. After all, the child had to leave the country in which he grew up and thus break away from everything he knew. At the same time, telephone lines in the Ukrainian language were launched and an email address was set up at [email protected]. “We have 62 intervention teams available for schools, there are at least 7 in each region: There are groups of 3 to 8 experts in the intervention teams, they are psychologists, special educators who have experience with crisis intervention and can help teachers or children, help with “There is also a list of Ukrainian-speaking experts available to each team,” concluded the Ministry of Education.

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