The final end of hope: FK Pohronie leaves the highest competition after three seasons – Š

Pictured from the left Kelvin Pires (Trenčín), Jaroslav Mihalík, Adam Pajer and Muhammed Sanneh (all Pohronie) are fighting for the ball Source: TASR – Radovan Stoklasa POHRONIE – Footballers FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa are leaving the highest Slovak competition after three seasons. This was definitely decided by their home draw with AS Trenčín 1: 1 in Saturday’s match of the 6th round of the superstructure part of the Fortuna League in the group for retention. Pohronie loses 13 points to the penultimate Zlaté Moravce and by the end of the year he can get a maximum of 12 in four matches. FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa – AS Trenčín 1: 1 (1: 0)
Goals: 17. Klabník – 64. Štrba (own). Judges: Ziemba – Ádám, Kmec, ŽK: Lačný, Šmatlák, Steinhübel – Hollý, ČK: 87. Steinhübel (after 2nd ŽK). Pohronie: Le Giang – Sanneh, Štrba, Klabník, Šimčák – Hounlete (46. Šmatlák), Ožvolda (73. Bangala) – Blahút, Steinhübel, Mihalík (65. Prachar) – Lačný (65. Netolický) Trenčín: Babka – Yem, Stojsavljevic, Pirinen, Madu – Bainovic (61st Lavrinčík) – Kmeť (61st Gaži), Kadák (90th + 1st Ibrahim), Hollý (82nd Gajdoš), Soares – Kupusovič (61st Letenay) no Stojsavljevič missed a goal in the 11th minute after a corner kick. From the same standard situation, they hit the home team. Steinhübel neatly controlled the ball after a short corner, and knocked it on to Klabník who had the whole net open before him, but only managed to hit the post. Trenčín tried to keep the first place in the rescue group, which means the fight for Europe, and made a great effort to settle. Three minutes later, goalkeeper Le Giang had to shine against Kupusovič, and another three minutes later, Pirinen narrowly missed the pole. However, Klabník did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out. In the end, the players from Žiar nad Hronom nailed the nail to their own coffin, and pushed the Soares center into their own Štrba net in the 64th minute. The point was not enough for Trenčín. They did not understand the rescue work of the locals and continued the offensive. After their activity, Steinhübel fouled Kadák in the penalty area and whistled a penalty kick. The fouled player had to play a penalty twice to overtake his teammate into the penalty area and the second attempt neutralized Le Giang. Trenčín spent half of the match at the end of the match, but did not get three points. The duel had to finish without Kadák, who collided with the opponent’s goalkeeper and had to be carried on the stretcher. Several teenagers played for Senica The FK Senica footballers lost in the 6th round of the superstructure part of the Fortuna League in the group to stay with MFK Liptovský Mikuláš 0: 3. FK Senica – MFK Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas 0: 3 (0: 1)
Goals: 32., 60. Andrič, 61. Voško. Judges: Kráľovič – Štofik, Halíček, without cards Senica: Čermák – Koprna (86. Barcaj), Mašulovič, Mihal – Prelec (66. Stachovič), Duda, Škodáček, Bíly (74. Osvald), Anaba – Kudláč (65. Vrablic ), Macho (86. Ravas) Liptovský Mikuláš: Sváček (84. Mikušiak) – Krčík, Šindelář, Nagy, Pavúk – Bielák – Pinte (63. Káčerík), Staš, Filinský (46. Voško), Flak (63. Švec) . The guests were the favorite of the match against the weakened Senici. From the beginning, they kept the ball in their power. However, the young Senicans fought, defended carefully, but only the guests got into chances. In the 10th minute the ball after Andričová’s head went above, a minute after the center of Krčík the Staš had a great position, but he aimed it with his head. Filermského shot with a shot in the 23rd minute and Čermák managed to score and so far the only goal was scored in the 32nd minute, when Andrič was not guarded after the center of Pavúk and he headed the ball to the left post. There was more excitement at both gates after the break. In 47 minutes, Andrič was given a chance to score, and Čermák, the goalkeeper, covered the ball. In 5 minutes, the young goalkeeper from Senice also managed to deal with Staša. The guests were able to strike twice in two minutes and finally decided the fate of the meeting. In the 60th minute, after Pinte’s center, Andrič scored the second time, a minute later, Flaka’s goalkeeper Čermák only set off and Voško directed the ball into the empty goal. Then the young Senicans came together and they could even score a goal. In the 77th minute, the goalkeeper scored the first time, when Koprn’s shot was covered by the goalkeeper, the same player was in the right and his next poison, the goalkeeper Sváček, only struck the corner with effort. Immediately after his play, Stachovič got into the goal, who shot the crossbar of the visiting goal. In the 84th minute, the guests could still score, when the mistake of the defender Senice in front of Staš was saved by an excellent intervention by Čermák. Author: © List Source: TAR

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