EXTRAORDINARY ONLINE Russian billionaire Abramovich tries to revive peace talks: Reportedly in Kiev – Topky.sk

Russian forces allegedly shelled an oil refinery in Lysychansk. Russian occupiers are preparing to close Mariupol, banning the move from April 18 to “filter” local men. Russia has banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from entering its territory Russia has warned the Czech Republic in a note that it may not provide former Soviet equipment to third countries without its consent. Live from Ukraine Heger spoke at CNN, spoke in English with the presenter about the S-300 system in Ukraine ONLINE with Russian troops it has not yet been possible to agree on the specific conditions of this evacuation. The AFP agency informed about it. 10:56 The European Union will provide another 50 million euros in humanitarian aid to the people affected by the war in Ukraine. The bulk – 45 million euros – is for humanitarian projects directly in Ukraine, and five million euros go to Moldova, where many people have fled Ukraine. In total, humanitarian aid to Ukraine has made 143 million euros since the beginning of the war, the European Commission said in a statement today. 10:47 Ukraine and Russia have not agreed to open corridors that could evacuate civilians from besieged Ukrainian cities today. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereščuková announced this on the Telegram social network. 10:34 Plush orangutans help children from Ukraine on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. 10:23 Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the world must prepare for Russia’s nuclear attack and leaders of the leaders in order to stock anti-radiation pills and build anti-aircraft shelters. The Daily Mail portal informs about it. Photo gallery (7) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Source: SITA / Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP 9:35 The Russian army shot down a Ukrainian military plane carrying military equipment sent to Ukraine by Western countries. According to the TASS agency, a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, informed about it. No further details were disclosed and the information could not be independently verified. As the US station CNN noted today, Russia claims that it destroyed more Ukrainian military aircraft than the country should ever have. 9:32 542 men, 1573 women and 485 children crossed the border crossings. 189 people requested temporary refuge. All activities in connection with refugees from Ukraine were provided by 248 police officers, 66 firefighters, 94 customs officers, 331 soldiers, 6 clergy, 223 volunteers, 36 members of foreign forces and 6 employees of the migration office. At the same time, 31 buses were dispatched, which transported 205 people to various places within the Slovak Republic. 145 people were transported by train. Last year, 8 people were accommodated, the spare capacity is at the level of 12,349. The press department of the Ministry of the Interior informed about it. Photo gallery (7) Source: TASR – František Iván 9:03 Explosions erupted in the Ukrainian capital early this morning, local media reported. Sirens warning of possible dangers could be heard throughout the country during the night. Local officials have not yet released any details about possible explosions. According to Reuters, the reports could not be independently verified. According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, the Russians continue to partially block the city of Kharkov and shelter its residential areas. They are also conducting air raids on Mariupol. The Russian navy seems to be preparing to attack the city, and this information is now being verified, the general staff said. 8:49 The war in Ukraine killed 202 children, 361 were injured. This is reported by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office. EXTRAORDINARY ONLINE Zelensky calls on leaders to stock anti-radiation pills: Is there a threat of a nuclear attack?

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