War in Ukraine live: Blinken thinks the conflict could last until the end of the year – archyde

13:45Russia blocks the Russian site of the Moscow TimesRussia has decided to block the Russian version of the site of the Moscow Times, a respected independent media. She accuses him of having published “false information” on the conflict in Ukraine. Best known for its English version, which remains accessible, and founded in 1992, the Moscow Times is the first Western daily to be published in Russia. Its paper edition ceased publication in 2017 against a backdrop of economic difficulties and the digital revolution. energy savings to “irritate Putin”, the Russian head of state. “I ask everyone to contribute now to energy savings,” says the man who is also Minister of Climate. “If, for Easter, you can get on your bike or take the train, that’s good too. It spares the wallet and annoys Putin,” he adds as Germany seeks to reduce its reliance on Russian gas. 1:15 p.m. Neptune missile factory destroyed The latest targeted a factory making Neptune missiles, which Ukraine says it used to sink the Russian ship Moskva. A factory workshop and an administrative building adjoining it, located in the town of Vyshnevé, about thirty kilometers south-west of the Ukrainian capital, were seriously damaged. 2022The conflict could continue until the end of the year. That’s what US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reportedly told his European allies, according to two European officials who opened up to CNN. “According to the New York Times, the European Union is preparing an embargo on Russian oil “reluctantly”, with several phases, to give time to Germany in particular to find alternatives. This embargo would not be proposed for negotiation by EU member states before the second round of the French presidential election. 12:32 The evacuation buses targeted by deadly fire? Seven civilians were killed and 27 injured yesterday Russian fire on evacuation buses in the Kharkiv region, announces the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office. “On April 14, Russian soldiers fired on evacuation buses with civilians in the locality of Borova. According to initial information, seven people were killed and 27 injured,” the prosecutor’s office wrote on Telegram. completely liberated the Ilyich Steel Plant from Ukrainian nationalists following the offensive in the city of Mariupol,” Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. had shown the surrender of Ukrainian soldiers entrenched in this complex, the Russian army evoked 1026 soldiers surrendering to it. In the aftermath, the command of the Azov regiment and the 36th marine brigade, two Ukrainian units defending Mariupol, said they had been able to consolidate their forces inside the city. He acknowledged that “a few” soldiers had surrendered during their flight from Ilyich to the immense Astoval complex, the current seat of the fighting. front line are attacked”, assured Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the regional military administration of Donetsk. In Maryinka, according to him, 11 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The city suffered extensive damage, with nearly 100 houses destroyed, 13 apartment towers and three schools affected. 11:50Russia once again threatens Sweden, Finland and EuropeJoining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) for Sweden and Finland would have consequences for these countries and European security, warns the Russian Foreign Ministry. These countries “must understand the consequences of such a measure for our bilateral relations and for the European security architecture as a whole,” said the ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova. “De facto, (Finland and Sweden) will be NATO’s front line,” she said. was captured by the Russians. Russian public television broadcast images Thursday evening showing a young man handcuffed and with a cut on his forehead, claiming that it is Aiden Aslin. His mother, Ang Wood, confirmed to The Daily Telegraph, which has devoted several articles to the 28-year-old, including before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that it is indeed her son, who wears including a characteristic tattoo. “Aiden is an active member of the Ukrainian armed forces and thus a prisoner of war” who “must be treated humanely”.11:05Minister mocks Russian armyUkrainian Defense Minister mocks Russian army whose a flagship sank on Thursday. Photo of a dive next to a supporting turtle, Oleksii Reznikov writes that such a vessel is “a worthwhile dive site. We now have a new one in the Black Sea. We will definitely visit the wreck after our victory »10:45New prisoner exchangeA new exchange of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war took place on Thursday in the Kherson region, a region in southern Ukraine partially under Russian control, announces the Ukrainian army. Four Russians were exchanged for five Ukrainians. On Thursday, Ukraine announced that 30 Ukrainians had been freed in another prisoner exchange, without specifying the number of Russian soldiers freed in return. Russia could find itself in default of payment at the beginning of May. The Reuters agency specifies that the problem comes from an attempt to pay in rubles the debts which it owes in dollars. Ukrainian pupils, 1046 for the first and 1059 for the second.10:0011 220 Ukrainian pupils in France11 220 Ukrainians are welcomed in schools, colleges and high schools in France, according to the Ministry of Education. The figures were finalized on Thursday. The increase is less strong than a few weeks earlier. 09:40Russia says it killed “Polish mercenaries”Russia says it killed around 30 “Polish mercenaries” in a strike in northeastern Ukraine. “As a result of the strike, a detachment of mercenaries from a private Polish military company … was liquidated in the village of Iziumske, in the Kharkiv region. Up to 30 Polish mercenaries have been eliminated,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement. ground-to-air in the Vizar factory, in the suburbs of kyiv, is announced by the Russian Minister of Defense.09:30Russia to intensify its strikes in KievRussia explains that it will reinforce its strikes in the Ukrainian capital, kyiv in response to attacks on its soil that it attributes to Ukraine. “The number and scale of missile strikes on kyiv sites will increase in response to all terrorist-type attacks and sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in kyiv”, says the Russian Ministry of Defense .09:20 Five killed in Donbass in 24 hours of the last 24 hours. The other region of this mining basin, that of Luhansk, was the scene of 24 bombardments which left two dead and two injured. over one year in March, a level not seen since the 1980s, indicates INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). As in recent months, this acceleration in inflation is explained by the rise in energy prices, which rose again by 29.2% in March, after +21.1% in February. They are notably driven by petroleum products (+43.5%). The increase in food prices also increased, with an increase of 2.9%, after 2.1% in February. Fresh products in particular experienced an increase of 7.6% over one year. This strong inflation will lead to an automatic revaluation of the minimum wage by 2.65% on 1 May. For a full-time job, the monthly minimum wage will be 1645.58 euros gross. Net, it will go from 1269 to 1302.64 euros. The gross hourly minimum wage will drop from 10.57 to 10.85 euros. Civilians can for example leave by their own means the cities of Mariupol, Berdiansk, Tokmak and Enerhodar towards Zaporijjia.08:10Nearly 200 children killed since the start of the war and 355 wounded. “The real figure is probably considerably higher”, underlines the media. . “Our firefighters and rescuers will transport tomorrow (Editor’s note: today) 24 fire engines and ambulances as well as 50 tonnes of emergency equipment. This is the second convoy in a month. 07:45 Ukrainians go to the East Some Ukrainians, out of pro-Russian conviction or pragmatic choice, decide to take refuge in the east of the country. “They think that the territory will be occupied by the Russians and that they will be able to return home more quickly if they take refuge in the Russian zone”, explains a member of the territorial defense. More details in the report by our special envoys.07:202 million euros collectedTo help Ukraine and its inhabitants, major organizations such as the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders are at work. But small and medium-sized structures are also taking part in this movement. In France, the HelloAsso platform, which supports this type of structure, reports 256 associations having raised more than 2 million euros. The average donation is 117 euros per person. More details in our article.

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