Ukraine-Russia, news today in real time: news last hour 14 April

Ukraine-Russia war, in the latest news and news of today, April 14, the conflicting news between Moscow and Kiev on the explosion of the Russian ship Moskva on the Black Sea, the words of Zelensky on the Steinmeier case. Here is the latest news today: 10.08 AM – New sanctions from Australia against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine with the renewed call to Moscow to “immediately withdraw its military forces” from the country. In the sights of a new package of measures 14 Russian state-owned enterprises “of strategic and economic importance for Russia”, including Kamaz, which produces heavy vehicles, and companies in the naval sector, such as Sevmash and United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), “linked to the defence”. Targeting “Russian state-owned enterprises, in coordination with key partners, affects their ability to support the Russian economy,” said a statement from the Australian Foreign Ministry. The new sanctions also affect Ruselectronics, responsible for the production of about 80% of all Russian electronic components, and Russian Railways, among the largest in the sector in the world.
10.01 – Russia warns that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, it will take measures in the Baltic. “It will no longer be possible to speak of nuclear-free status for the Baltic, the balance will have to be restored”, declared former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, now vice president of the Security Council of Russia, adding that “so far Russia has not taken these measures and was not willing to do so “.
9.31 am – The Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, will travel to Kiev today where he will meet the Ukrainian Foreign and Defense Ministers, Dmytro Kuleba and Oleksii Reznikov. He announced a press release from the ministry underlining that “talks with the Ukrainian government will focus on what Ireland can continue to do to provide political, security and humanitarian support to Ukraine”. There is also talk of “helping Ukraine in its application for EU membership, the effort to carry out sanctions on Russia and to make Russia respond for its brutal and unjustified invasion”.
9.30 – There are nine humanitarian corridors “agreed” for today in Ukraine to allow civilians to leave the besieged areas of the country, including the cities of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Tokmak and Enerhodar. This was announced by the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, who – as reported by the BBC – added that in the eastern region of Luhansk the humanitarian corridors will be able to work if the Russian forces stop the attacks. been seized in the Fiji Islands. The Amadea, a 106-meter superyacht worth $ 325 million, arrived in the Pacific islands on Tuesday. The Gazprom shareholder, considered one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies, is subjected to sanctions by the US, the European Union and Great Britain. Fiji Police Chief Sitiveni Qiliho said the yacth had moored before receiving customs clearance. After the kidnapping, the crew was stopped for questioning.
8.32 am – “There was no deliberate Russian policy of sexual violence against Ukrainian women. But we are investigating several cases that occurred in the capital region during the month of March”. This is what the police commander for the regional district of Kiev, General Andriy Nebytov, said in an interview with “Corriere della Sera”. “We are looking into over twenty incidents of possible sexual violence. I deliberately use the conditional because in general women and families are extremely reluctant to talk to investigators about it,” he added.
8.22 am – 197 children have been killed and 351 wounded since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office, most of the victims are concentrated in the Donetsk, Kiev and Kharkiv regions.
8.18 AM – In Finland, support for NATO membership “has increased in all parties. Like many Finns, the Russian invasion has changed our position. For decades, NATO support languished at around 20%. Now the mood has changed, and a lot. After Easter, Parliament will begin the discussion. And the final decision could come by the end of May “. This is what the Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen said in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’.
08.08 am – The Armed Forces of Belarus continue to patrol the border with Ukraine in the Brest and Gomel regions and planned combat training is underway. This was stated by the General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces.
08.07 – In a rare demonstration of support for Joe Biden’s positions, Donald Trump also accuses Russia of genocide in Ukraine. In fact, interviewed last night by Fox News, the former president has harshly attacked the current tenant of the White House for his allegedly unsuccessful policies in domestic and foreign politics. “And now let’s add what’s happening in Ukraine, that’s genocide,” he later said.
7.42 am – In the midst of tensions between Berlin and Kiev over the latter’s refusal to invite Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Volodymyr Zelensky states that Berlin has never proposed the German president’s potential visit to Kiev. “I as president and my office have never received an official request from the federal president and his office regarding a visit to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian president told the press last night, according to UNIAN news agency, after having received the presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on a mission in which Steinmeier also wanted to participate. But his presence would not have been welcome in Kiev, according to what was revealed.
7.25 am – The Russian Defense Ministry said that the entire crew of the cruiser Moskva was evacuated after a fire broke out overnight on board. Kiev claims to have hit the ship, which was one of those protagonists of the famous attack on Snake Island at the beginning of the war, while Moscow talks about an explosion in the ammunition depot. “The cruiser ‘Moskva’ was seriously damaged as the result of an explosion in the ammunition depot caused by a fire, the crew was evacuated “, is the statement of the Russian ministry. While the governor of Odessa Maksym Marchenko on Telegram wrote that it was the Ukrainian forces that hit the ship with a “Neptune” type missile.

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