The Reds in the semis after a crazy match! – Debrief and NOTES of the players (Liverpool 3-3 Benfica) – Maxifoot

Ibrahima Konat opened the scoring. Hooked Anfield by Benfica (3-3) on Wednesday, Liverpool qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League thanks to their success in the first leg (1-3). The Reds will face the surprising team of Villarreal. Three days after the draw against Manchester City (2-2) in the Premier League, and in anticipation of the reunion with the Citizens on Saturday (4:30 p.m.) in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, Jrgen Klopp had decided to rotate. Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Man, Salah… All these holders were spared for this quarter-final second leg of the Champions League thanks to the success of Lisbon in the first leg (3-1). Konat again scorer! Result, the manager of Liverpool can be satisfied with his choices, even if the meeting was not easy. Probably because of the reworked eleven, the Reds took a few minutes to enter their match. Time for Benfica to get the first chance on Everton’s shot just past the top corner! But after a good quarter of an hour of play, Liverpool took control of the game. Jota first forced goalkeeper Vlachodimos into a brave outing. But the porter could do nothing on the head of the Frenchman Konat (1-0, 21st), already a scorer in the first leg! Benfica equalize with successa was seriously complicated for the Portuguese who, after the equalizer denied Nuez for an offside (23rd), could thank Vlachodimos, author of a big reflex on the sequence of Luis Diaz. The 2-0 was seriously approaching. The moment chosen by Ramos (1-1, 32nd) to equalize on an obviously involuntary pass from Milner! We can say that Benfica did well in this first period of quality, and concluded with two new attempts by Keita and Gomez, without consequence. 55th) took advantage of a missed shot from Jota to restore the advantage to his team. Then the Brazilian striker postponed until a few minutes later, receiving a good free kick from Tsimikas (3-1, 65th). We thought the game was over, the pace having suddenly dropped after this goal. Only the public of Anfiled animated the meeting at this time, when the incoming Yaremchuk (3-2, 73rd) reduced the gap after checking the VAR. , but a little less after the achievement of Nuez (3-3, 83rd), finally rewarded! It still took two goals for the visitors to snatch extra time. A gap too difficult to recover after the progressive entries of the usual holders on the Liverpool side. We therefore left it at that, and the Reds, unsurprisingly, qualified for the semi-finals where they will face Villarreal. interest. But both teams gave us a high quality show! Rhythm, intensity, lots of goals and a wonderful atmosphere… Everything was in place for a great Champions League evening. higher than everyone and uncrosses his head perfectly (1-0, 21st). – While trying to counter Gonalves, Milner involuntarily delivers an ideal decisive pass for Ramos. Alone against goalkeeper Alisson, the Portuguese striker crosses his powerful shot and leaves Alisson no chance (1-1, 32nd). Firmino who only has to push the leather to the back of the lines (2-1, 55th). – Upon receiving an excellent free kick from Tsimikas, Firmino shoots the goalkeeper Vlachodimos from close range (3-1, 65th) .- Well launched by Grimaldo in depth, striker Yaremchuk goes to dribble Alisson and score in the empty goal (3-2, 73rd). – On a long ball in depth from Weigl, Nuez, the limit of the out- game, comes up against Alisson and places his ball perfectly at the far post with a flat foot (3-3, 83′). Players’ NOTES Maxifoot has given a mark (out of 10) comments on each player. The man of the match: Naby Keita (8/10) In the absence of many executives at kick-off, the Liverpool midfielder took matters into his own hands with and without the ball. His intense and high pressing set the tone for his teammates. Just like the quality of his vertical passes. He should have scored a goal on one of his forward throws, but his two outstretched shots ended up just wide. LIVERPOOL: Alisson (5): often abandoned by his defense, the Brazilian goalkeeper is not necessarily guilty on the goals conceded. We rather remember his huge save on Nuez’s strike which could have restarted the confrontation if Benfica had led 4-3 in the 83rd minute. Joseph Gomez (5.5): cautious, the right side was not as offensive as Tsimikas on the other side. Instead, he applied himself to blocking his hallway. But he covers Yaremchuk on the second Portuguese goal. Ibrahima Konat (6): scorer as in the first leg, the Frenchman had an almost perfect first period! He was authoritative on Nuez and precise in his crosses towards Tsimikas. It got complicated after the break in managing depth with Matip.Jol Matip (4): interesting in his ball outings, the central defender had trouble containing Benfica attackers. In addition to Nuez’s overflow which left him on the spot, he was unable to manage calls from deep, hence the two goals conceded in the second period. Konstantinos Tsimikas (7.5): behind Robertson, Liverpool has a another side with a magic left foot! He made two decisive passes from set pieces for Konat and Firmino, in addition to his dangerous crosses in the game. Naby Keta (8): see comments above. James Milner (4.5): disciplined in his high pressing , and interesting in its placement between the lines, the experienced midfielder nevertheless made major mistakes. His missed free-kick ends up Everton’s chance. But above all, his counter becomes a decisive pass for Ramos. Replaced the 58th by Thiago Alcantara (not not). Jordan Henderson (6): always with this concern to play forward, the captain of the Reds brought a lot of speed to the game of his team. This risky game could have cost him dearly. But after his intercepted pass, Nuez’s goal was disallowed for offside. Replaced the 58th by Fabinho (not noted). Diogo Jota (7): very mobile on the front of the attack, the Portuguese international has very often played fair. He has been a major contributor to the fluidity of Liverpool’s attacks. But he lacked precision in the last gesture, like his involuntary decisive pass for Firmino. Replaced in the 57th by Mohamed Salah (not noted), for once too altruistic when he tries to regale Man. He then gets an opportunity but does not fit his shot. Roberto Firmino (8): with his stalls and his ability to play with one touch of the ball, the Brazilian center forward has posed a lot of problems for Benfica’s defence. He ran into Vertonghen for a long time but ended up finding the fault twice. A decisive pass could have added to his record of the evening, but he took a little too long to serve Luis Diaz, alone in front of goal. Replaced 90th+2 with Divock Origi (not rated), came on to a standing ovation from Anfield.L. Daz (7): after a timid start to the match, the former FC Porto player has regained his sense of dribbling. He quickly became omnipresent from his superb sequence neutralized by goalkeeper Vlachodimos. He should have finished the game with at least one goal. But he misses his control on a nice pass by Keita. And Firmino doesn’t serve him in the right timing, hence his anger. Replaced the 66th by Sadio Man (not noted), author of a goal disallowed for an empty offside. Apart from his badly repelled ball on Firmino’s first goal, he succeeded in several difficult saves, in particular on the sequence of Luis Diaz. Also note his courageous exit at the feet of Jota, an intervention which rang him for a few minutes. Gilberto Junior (4): Jota tends to transplant in the axis, the right side has often been confronted with Tsimikas. A duel that he overall lost because of the Greek’s ability to cross with both feet. Replaced the 90th + 1 by Gil Dias (not rated). Nicols Otamendi (3): not always successful in the recovery, the central defender was mainly distinguished by his failures. His slowness forces him to throw himself, and in the face of opponents like Luis Diaz, he cannot forgive… His most striking action remains this incomprehensible placement which almost resulted in a goal from this same Luis Diaz. Jan Vertonghen (6): without the Belgian, the bill would have been dirtier for Benfica. He multiplied the interventions on centers, in addition to his big return on Firmino. He also managed precise raises towards Grimaldo.lex Grimaldo (7.5): author of a magnificent save at the feet of Luis Diaz, the left side resisted his opponent’s provocations well. He also shone in his ball outings, like his decisive pass for Yaremchuk. Adel Taarabt (7): Dominated in intensity at the start of the match, the Moroccan midfielder recovered well. He offered himself some nice technical gestures and well-felt play orientations, all under the opposing pressure. Presented Anfiled, the Portuguese fans loved it! Replaced in the 66th by Joo Mario (not rated). Julian Weigl (5.5): sometimes in difficulty on quick attacks, especially those led by Luis Diaz, the defensive midfielder distributed the game rather well. His long ball in depth allows Nuez to equalize at the end of the match. Diogo Gonalves (3): invisible on his left side. The only outbursts on his lane were made by Nuez. He still caused Milner’s mistake on Ramos’ goal. Replaced the 46th by Roman Yaremchuk (7), author of a nice goal with lucidity. However, it was not won for the Ukrainian, long alone in the lead after coming on. But his good calls for the ball facilitated the work of his teammates. Gonalo Ramos (4): apart from his goal scored with composure , the striker aligned in support of Nuez was discreet. We can even say that it tended to disappear over long sequences. Replaced the 78th by Paulo Bernardo (not rated). Everton (4.5): too intermittent, the international Auriverde has not made enough difference. He got the first opportunity with a nice shot just wide. But his few technical gestures did not really serve his team. Replaced the 90th+1 by Anr Almeida (not noted).D. Nose (8): with this kind of performance, we can be sure that the Uruguayan will join a European cador this summer! The Benfica striker was not content to wait for the balls at the peak. He multiplied the calls, often on the left side, and knew how to make differences with the ball at his feet. Despite two disallowed goals, he was rewarded with a goal with a formidable finish.+ Find the results and the Champions League standings on Maxifoot And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below! LIVERPOOL 3-3 BENFICA LISBON (mid-time: 1-1) – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – 1/4 final
Stadium: Anfield, Liverpool – Referee: Serdar Gozubuyuk, NetherlandsGoals: I. Konat (21st) Roberto Firmino (55th) Roberto Firmino (65th) for LIVERPOOL – Gonalo Ramos (32nd) R. Yaremchuk (73rd) D. Nez (82nd) ​​for BENFICA LISBON
Warnings: LIVERPOOL: Alisson – J. Matip, I. Konat – J. Gomez, K. Tsimikas – N. Keta, J. Henderson (Fabinho, 57th), J. Milner (Thiago Alcntara, 57th) – L. Daz (S Man, 66th), Roberto Firmino (D. Origi, 90+1st), Diogo Jota (Mohamed Salah, 57th) BENFICA LISBON: O. Vlachodimos – N. Otamendi, J. Vertonghen – Gilberto Junior (Andr Almeida, 90+1st ), lex Grimaldo – A. Taarabt (Joo Mrio, 66th), J. Weigl – Gonalo Ramos (Paulo Bernardo, 78th) – Everton (Gil Dias, 90+1st), Diogo Gonalves (R. Yaremchuk, 46th) – D. Nose
Scorer in the first leg, the Frenchman Konat did it again (1-0, 21st) Nuez, hell for the defenders! Technically, Taarabt is strongFirmino alone for the 3-1 goal in the 65th minute

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