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yesterday 20:37 | HK Nitra hockey players lead in the semi-final series of the Tipos extra league over HKM Zvolen 2: 1 in matches. In Wednesday’s third match, they won at home 3: 2, with Adam Rockwood scoring their triumph in the 51st minute. The Canadian forward also scored an assist in the duel. Samuel Buček also had a 1 + 1 balance in his home jersey. The fourth duel is scheduled for Thursday in Nitra again. Tipos extraliga – Playoff semifinals: HK Nitra – HKM Zvolen 3: 2 (1: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0) Goals: 8. Buček (Nemec, Rockwood), 27. Hrnka (Holešinský, Tvrdoň), 51 Rockwood (Buček, Švarný) – 15. Zuzin (Vienna, Roy), 24. Leskinen (Krieger, Kubka) Judges: Goga, Orolin – Crman, Jedlička, eliminations: 4: 3, power-ups: 2: 0, weakenings: 0 : 0, 3600 spectators / series status: 2: 1 / Teams: HK Nitra: O’Connor – Mezei, Š. Nemec, Švarný, Raskob, Vitáloš, Bodák, Pupák – Buček, Buncis, Krivošík – A. Sýkora, Rockwood, R. Varga – Tvrdoň, Hrnka, Holešinský – Bajtek, Baláž, Múčka – Drábek HKM Selected: Rahm – Kotvan, Meliško, Diakov, Roy, Hraško, Kubka, Barcík, Brumerčík – Zuzin, Viedenský, Puliš – Leskinen, Krieger, Osterberg – Stupka, J. Mikúš, Saracino – Csányi, Marcinek, Török , who, however, did not make an accurate pass from the German with a backhand. However, the same match ended in the 8th minute. In a power play, the German scored Buček’s 50th goal of the season and he shot Rahm from his dance floor – 1: 0. In the 11th minute, the Zvolen managed to equalize, but the goal had to be taken by the video referee Peter Jonák, because the puck remained standing on the edge of the goal line. The main referee first acknowledged the goal at the behest of the video referee, but Nitra took over the “coach challenge”, which brought the final verdict that the goal was not valid. However, the “Bryndziari” evened up during the break thanks to the emphatic Zuzin. In the middle part, the Zvolen managed to take the lead for the first time when Leskinen prevailed. However, the “Corgoni” took a higher step and pushed the opponent several times in the defensive zone. With 27 minutes played, Nitranom nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. Rahm’s back pass Hrnka – 2: 2. The match is aimed at whoever scores a goal wins. In the 50th minute, Zvolen did not use a power play in which Zuzin’s shot hit the left goalpost. Immediately afterwards, the Nitra punished it when Buček served the puck on a Rockwood platter and he lit up the Nitra arena – 3: 2. The end of the match ended in the defensive zone of Nitra, which defended soulfully. The decisive factor was finally the goalkeeper O’Connor, who in the end pulled the blind and eliminated all the chances of the Zvolen and Nitra took the lead in the series again thanks to him. A big gesture from Tomáš Tatar, he gave a hockey stick to a Slovak fan after the match:

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