• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Mo, Nirenstein: “Ovadia raves while Israel is dead and people are fleeing to shelters”


May 11, 2021

“I am not interested in arguing with Ovadia’s ravings that show that this person does not know either past history, nor does he know what is happening now. As I speak, there are Israelis killed and injured. The people of Israel are forced to run to shelters. The serene are ringing all over Israel “. Thus spoke to Adnkronos Fiamma Nirenstein, senior of the well-known think tank Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs, columnist for Il Giornale and former vice president of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the House. “The ignorance of Ovadia itself does not interest me, the ignorance of history yes – says the writer and journalist who lives in Jerusalem – because it concerns the whole story of the Jewish people who, returning to their land and the city that was the historical and religious foundation, has always shown the will to share with the Palestinian Arab people, since 1948 and gradually with so many proposals for peace, all rejected and all extinguished in the blood of Palestinian terrorism “. “As for the present – says Fiamma Nirenstein – the escalation, which had been prepared for some time and which in recent days has reached its peak in the launch of 250 missiles from Gaza on the Israeli civilian population, began with the assault on a man who walked his dog at night and with the spread on Tik Tok amidst laughter about this episode of lynching and anti-Semitic insults. And it continued for several days with the accumulation in mosques of war materials that were later discovered by the police who have suffered dozens and dozens of injuries. Right now, while I am speaking – reiterates Fiamma Nirenstein -, there are Israeli dead and wounded. Sirens sound all over Israel. And this has happened many times now. it was an Intifada that killed more than 2,000 people, on buses, in restaurants. I invite the readers of the Adnkronos to go and see what the Palestinians really say about the Jewish people on Palestinian Media Watch (Pmw), what is the real attitude of the Palestinians “.