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Sifà and Poste Italiane together for sustainable mobility


Sifà, Bper Banca’s long-term rental company, together with Poste Italiane for sustainable mobility. Delivered 850 electric tricycles, the supply will now be completed with 350 electric quadricycles set up for the delivery of Poste Italiane products, thus implementing the zero-emission fleet. The four-year management work plan developed by Sifà for Poste Italiane required a long-term investment which includes, in addition to the supply of quadricycles, the installation of recharging stations; the coordination of a lintel of first-level suppliers (Ducati Energia for the supply of quadricycles, Enel X for the charging infrastructure, Targa Telematics for telematics services); the creation of an ad hoc operations center for the collection and communication in real time to Poste Italiane of data useful for optimizing the service; a long-term investment for the creation of a customized digital platform and a team of dedicated resources to support the customer in any future challenges.Sifà shares the objective declared by the CEO of Poste Italiane regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions on the their total fleet in circulation, as part of a project that represents the real declination and application of electric mobility in Italy.This partnership has a strategic value for Sifà in relation to the objectives that the company pursues: to be a pioneer of increasingly green mobility , electricity and ethics by promoting the adoption of more responsible practices. An initiative that is added to other virtuous activities supported by the company that are faithful to the principles of circular mobility (, the framework within which all sustainable mobility and corporate social responsibility projects in Sifà are placed, with the intent to support the reuse of materials at the end of their life cycle by reducing the environmental impact of the entire automotive supply chain.

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