Mo, Imam Catania: “Complex problem, use reason and no more violence”

“The problem is very complex and we certainly cannot talk about it in a little but certain acts of violence are to be condemned by both sides. And in this holy month of fasting everyone is called to behave in the most just way”. This was stated to AdnKronos by the Imam of Catania and President of the Islamic community in Sicily Abdelhafid Kheit regarding the situation between Israel and Hamas. “It is not permissible – he adds – that places of worship and worship be attacked because they represent the sign of God on Earth and every man, regardless of religious belief, is called to defend them”. “We – concludes the Imam of Catania – condemn every act of violence and our hope is that an agreement is found, a compromise, that reason is ‘used’ because the victims on both sides are useless”.