Pfizer and second dose, company: “Suggestion is to stick to 21 days”

Pfizer and second dose, right to postpone it to 35 days from the first? “The vaccine was studied for a second administration at 21 days. Data on a longer range of administration at the moment we do not have any except in real life observations, as has been done in the UK. It is an evaluation of the Cts that it has its bases, we will observe what happens. Like Pfizer, however, I say to stick to what has emerged from scientific studies, therefore the administration at 21 days, because this guarantees the results that allowed the authorization “. Valeria Marino, medical director of Pfizer Italia, guest of ‘Buongiorno’, told Sky TG24 about the lengthening of the window for the administration of the second dose. “We must also study the need for the third dose – he continued -. We have the data showing immune coverage at six months, we have to look at the next six months. A third dose may be possible but perhaps also not necessary, unless any variations occur, in which case a ‘buster’ dose may be useful. On the annual vaccine we must be very careful, it may be necessary within the year or maybe within two “. Marino then recalled how “the studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine on variants, in particular the South African. The same applies to the Brazilian one. We can certainly affirm the effectiveness of the vaccines against them. The alarmism is more related to the ability to diffusion “. Read also “We are also working on a protease inhibitor, a drug that blocks the reproduction of the virus. We are still in phase one, we are looking for the right dosage. And just as we went fast in the discovery of the vaccine we can also do it in the experimentation” , he said again on ‘Good morning’, talking about the possibility of having an anti-covid pill next year. “Research times – he said – are never certain. The hypothesis is that the trials can finish within the year, and then let’s see ”.