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VIDEO: After the hockey extra league match, the players and the organizers fought. The police – REFRESHER – had to intervene


Jan 15, 2022

The incident was over in front of the stadium.



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Source: TASR – Roman Hanc

After the match of the hockey extra league between Michalovce and Spišská Nová Ves, a battle broke out in front of the locker rooms, in which players, organizers and members of the implementation team took part. It informs about it RTVS, which also published a short video from the crowd, which involved almost the entire teams. In addition, another battle broke out in front of the stadium, during which the police also had to intervene.

The general manager of Spišská Nová Ves, Richard Rapáč, claims that the reason was racism on the part of Michalovce fans, who verbally attacked two dark-skinned Spišská Nová Ves players.

“There were shouts from the stands, ‘You monkey’ and stuff. The referees were notified of the situation. It was repeated this time as well. It escalated during the match. After the end, the players went to the locker room, but the custodian of the Michalov team ran on them. He attacked them physically and they defended themselves. “ said for Sports Rapper.

The coach of Spišská Nová Ves also confirmed racist attacks. “The match was devalued by the fact that things happened that should not happen at the Slovak stadium. It’s about insulting players with ‘icebergs’ and organizing service, and attacking and pointing. This is pushing the whole of Slovak hockey down. ”

Coach Michaloviec responded that if the allegations of racist attacks were true, on behalf of the club he apologized to the opponent. “Something like this shouldn’t happen, especially not in a league that is played at the highest level and with the quality of the Slovak competition,” added coach Michaloviec.

Michalovce narrowly won the match 3: 2.

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