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Too bad he wants at least five electric cars. It ‘packs’ with ‘burners’ – PRAVDA.sk


Jan 14, 2022

The damage has been going on for a difficult year. Its sales fell in almost all markets. And pink doesn’t have to be her future either.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Enyaq, production Škoda Auto needs five to seven electric cars on the routes, otherwise it is in danger of being laid off. This is claimed by the trade union leader Povšík. Enyaq iV is not enough.

The year 2021 was really dramatic for Škoda. It produced only 878,200 vehicles, 12.9% less than in 2020, when it had to fight a coronavirus pandemic. Already at that time, its sales fell by 19.1 percent. Last year, however, she was particularly plagued by a lack of chips. Thus, it recorded a decline in sales in virtually all regions. In China, it delivered only 71,200 vehicles to customers, a decrease of 58.8%. In Western Europe it was 409,000, 5.9% less, and in Germany 136,800 vehicles, less 15.4%. It also recorded weaker results in Russia. It only succeeded in India, where it launched a new Kushaq SUV. But 22,800 cars sold on this billion-dollar market could not save its full-year balance sheet.

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However, the difficult period does not end for Škoda. The chip crisis continues and the supply of semiconductor components is to improve in the middle of the year at the earliest. However, it must also address a long-term strategy – the transition to electric propulsion. It should be vigorous, although it counts on internal combustion engines until 2035. This follows from the words of Jaroslav Povšík, chairman of the corporate council. According to him, the most important thing for the future is for Škoda to acquire a sufficient portfolio of electric cars within the group. “We need at least five electrical products, but preferably seven. If it succeeds, it will be good, “he said, adding that he could no longer see the way back to the internal combustion engines.

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According to Povšík, if Škoda does not win the production of five to seven electric models, there is a risk of losing up to 10,000 jobs. Already this year, the carmaker reduced the number of employees by 2,000, but it was a matter of natural fluctuations, agency employees and the cessation of recruitment. In addition, the company extended the Christmas shutdown, many employees did not return until January 10. According to the union leader, this year will not be easy. “As you know, we had a total shutdown at the beginning of the year because we didn’t have any chips. We used it to complete the dismantled vehicles. This has been very successful and we are the only factory that does not produce, does not have people at work, but produces cars, “said Povšík.

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In this way, Škoda produced up to 17,000 vehicles during the outage. According to Povšík, Škoda currently produces the Enyaq iV electric car, is preparing the Enyaq Coupé and a fully electric Octavia is also coming. “And we have another electric car ready, but we can’t talk about that yet. We potentially have four models ready, “said Povšík. The classic ones will gradually end, although the premiere of the new generation of Superb, which will be produced together with the Passat Variant on the lines of the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava, will be waiting for us next year. However, according to Povšík, the key will be the fight for electric cars. “We have to fight. “Everyone is fighting for e-mobility today,” he said.