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Sulík’s resort will enter the new year with changes: Stop a small cent, another kilečko or a lower burden for entrepreneurs –


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We have left the opinion of the Ministry of Economy in its entirety in the interests of objectivity. As part of significant changes, Sulík’s ministry decided to discuss the following issues:

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic will expect several changes next year, which are related to the implementation of the program statement of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the fulfillment of many tasks related to the business environment. A very important activity, which the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic has been intensively engaged in for the last two years, is the preparation of measures to improve the business environment based on business initiatives and reduce bureaucratic burdens.

Lower administration for entrepreneurs

From 1 January 2022, several measures will come into force, which should help entrepreneurs to reduce the administrative burden. We will mention some that were under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic cooperated on them:

– The amendment to the Accounting Act will extend the public part of the register of financial statements to other legal entities from 1 January 2022, namely non-governmental non-profit organizations; regulates the method and form of archiving of accounting documentation and electronic keeping of accounting records and will guarantee the guaranteed conversion in the scanning of documents, which has hitherto been an obstacle to electronic archiving. From the new year, all accounting documents for 2021 will be stored in the register of financial statements only in electronic form.

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Change in the case of single and double cents

– At the same time from 1.2. 2022 also enters into force an amendment to the law on prices, which will limit the use of one-cent and two-cent coins, which will make life easier not only for entrepreneurs but also for ordinary citizens.

Sulíkov Resort will enter


– The amendment to the Income Tax Act created the conditions for equal taxation of the financial contribution and gastro-vouchers, which should also lead to a reduction in the burden on entrepreneurs.

– The amendment to the VAT Act created the conditions for the elimination of tax evasion and adjusted the tax liability.

Another little thing and its content

Work on Kilečka 2, ie a bill amending some laws in connection with the improvement of the business environment, which should be submitted for approval at the meeting of the Government of the Slovak Republic on Friday, December 17, 2021 and subsequently submitted on Friday, December 17, 2021, has been completed. to the National Council of the SR.

The proposal contains a number of measures to improve the business environment, while some measures are formulated in the form of resolutions of the Government of the Slovak Republic. Among the measures we will mention:

– Amendment to the Energy Act, which, among other changes, reduces the number of days of electrometer storage after replacement from the original 60 days to 30 days.

– Amendment to the Trade Licensing Act, which proposes to extend the period after which the Trade Licensing Office may cancel a trade in the event of its long-term non-performance from two to four years and reclassify the trade associated with the sale of free-range pyrotechnic products.

– Amendment to the Electronic Commerce Act, which extends the possibility of concluding security agreements through electronic devices to leasing companies,

– Amendment to the Act on Accounting, which changes the obligation for some entities to be able to keep accounts and prepare individual financial statements in accordance with IFRS

– Amendment to the Act on Local Taxes, which introduces the adequacy of taxation of taxpayers, if the municipality determines a higher value of building land than their current market price, the taxpayer’s right to submit its own expert opinion with an expert determined by the value of land is added determining the margin between the lowest and the highest rate of land tax set by the municipality

– Amendment to the Act on the Provision of Private Security Services, which reduces the requirement for security experience in the armed security corps to five years

– Amendment to the Act on Excise Duty for Alcoholic Beverages, which deletes the condition of employing at least 10 employees in order for a distribution authorization and others to be issued.

Sulíkov Resort will enter

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Finally, there is a whip for bureaucracy

Finally, it is necessary to mention an important measure to reduce the bureaucratic burden, which must be followed by all ministries when submitting material proposals, namely the Mechanism for Reducing Bureaucracy and Costs ONE IN – TWO OUT, which we consider a “whip” for bureaucracy January.

The essence of the mechanism is that the proposer of a measure that increases the costs of regulation must submit a proposal of measures that will double the costs of regulation. The goal of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic is therefore to motivate the administrative burden on entrepreneurs to be permanently reduced, which brings savings on both sides and mainly helps entrepreneurs.



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