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Covid-19: reinforced protocol at school, nightclub closures … Update on new health measures – LCI


Dec 6, 2021

RESTRICTIONS – Faced with the 5th wave, new measures were adopted on Monday in the Health Defense Council. Vaccination of fragile children, level 3 protocol at school, closure of nightclubs … Here are the main announcements to remember.

Faced with the scale of the 5th wave and the arrival of the Omicron variant, the government met this Monday in the Extraordinary Health Defense Council. In the process, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, detailed new restriction measures during a press conference.

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France affected by a fifth wave of Covid-19

Reinforced protocol in schools

In primary schools, largely affected by the virus, the government has decided to raise the health protocol up a notch, passing it to level 3. Concretely, this stage requires wearing the mask “in confined spaces” to students, but also to staff. Mixing between schoolchildren must also be limited, especially during catering. In addition, recreations are organized by group, and sports activities are maintained outdoors, “as well as indoors for low intensity activities, allowing the wearing of a mask and distancing.” School holidays, for their part, will not be brought forward.

For several weeks, the incidence rate in 6-10 years old beats records: of 600 per 100,000 inhabitants, last Monday, it reached 917, Thursday, December 2. It was 100 per 100,000 inhabitants less than a month ago, according to figures from Public Health France.

Vaccination for 5-11 year olds

Vaccination will be open from December 15 for 360,000 children aged 5 to 11 “at risk” to develop serious forms of the virus, in particular those suffering from chronic diseases, announced the Prime Minister. The government also plans to open vaccination “to all children”, “on a voluntary basis, if possible by the end of the year”.

Walk-in vaccination for people over 65

People over 65 will now be able to be vaccinated without an appointment, regardless of the center.

Temporary closure of nightclubs

Nightclubs, in which social distancing and wearing masks are difficult, will be closed from Friday, December 10 and for four weeks. “We will do this by providing economic support to the companies concerned, we have always done it and we must do it as much as necessary”, assured Jean Castex.

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Teleworking recommended

Jean Castex recommended this Monday a target of two to three days of teleworking per week in companies. For the state civil service, the target will be three days. The Prime Minister also recommends limiting face-to-face meetings.

It is therefore without obligation that companies are encouraged to set up the telework, as the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne had already mentioned, on November 26 on FranceInfo, also asking for the strengthening of controls.

Festive moments: “We lift the foot”

“Festive and convivial events in the public and private spheres” are among those where “the risks of contamination are the highest”, underlined the Prime Minister. Who then invites, for “protect our ability to enjoy Christmas”, To “lift the foot” until the end of the year celebrations and to postpone the ceremonies, the departure drinks, etc. A recommendation that also applies to the private sphere.

What about major festive events, such as the Christmas markets or the Festival of Lights in Lyon? “We are not deciding on their ban. They can hang out, but you will not be able to have a drink, eat a few things afterwards. Outside, in the catering areas, there must be strict rules. It is not possible, these catering activities may be prohibited “.

Protocol unchanged in bars and restaurants

As the Christmas holidays approached, all eyes were also on bars and restaurants. But this will not be the case: the health protocol will remain unchanged, while drastic measures had been evoked. For the moment, all you need is a health pass to access these places, where no attendance gauge is applied. “The organization of public flows outside and inside” must allow “to limit crossings and social interactions”, advises on this subject the website of the Ministry of the Economy.

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But should we fear (still) new measures? Due to a highly contagious Delta variant, the number of new cases numbered in the thousands every day, reaching 42,252 cases on Sunday. On the other hand, hospitalizations exceed the mark of 12,000 Covid-19 patients on Monday, a threshold that had not been reached since August, while several hospitals are launching their “White Plan”.

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