Info or Intox: What is the story of this video of a fire at sea?

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An impressive video began circulating at the end of May 2021 on social networks showing a major fire in the open sea. Internet users thought of an underwater eruption sometimes in Cameroon, sometimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, others have thought of the explosion of an oil pipeline in the open sea. We trace the origin of these images with a user who checked on Twitter.

In this episode, Jesse attah, analyst for a security company in Nigeria, explains to the editorial staff of France 24 Observers how he proceeded to find the origin of this video and to have a track on the nature of this explosion which took place in Nigeria.

Through the voice of its spokesperson, the municipality of Mouanko in Cameroon, where Internet users claimed that the video had been taken, denied the information of an underwater volcanic eruption on social networks.

In Nigeria, no official statement has come to confirm the incident, nor the trail of an oil pipeline explosion. To learn more about the issue of petrol trafficking between Nigeria and Benin, you can consult This article from Reuters.

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