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VIDEO – In Marseille, Eric Zemmour ends his heckled journey with an exchange of fingers of honor – LCI


Nov 27, 2021

COUAC – A passer-by sent a middle finger to polemicist Éric Zemmour on Saturday. A gesture to which he responded in the same way through the window of his car. This scene was captured by an AFP photographer.

The scene took place at the exit of a restaurant in Marseille, Saturday, after a visit to La Major cathedral. It concludes a complicated Marseille journey for the putative presidential candidate. His passage stalled in the morning on the fish market of the Old Port had already been canceled, due to the rain but also because of the presence of demonstrators, according to his entourage.

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Eric Zemmour, from polemicist to presidential candidate?

A little later, a woman approached the car of the former chronicler of the Figaro, who agreed to roll down his window. She then gives him a middle finger, to which Eric Zemmour responds in the same way. The latter adds “and very deep “, while his advisor Sarah Knafo laughed, reports the AFP photographer. “This gesture is not the best effect, concedes a member of Eric Zemmour’s team requested by LCI. But there is something to be annoyed with after two days of attacks and insults “, do we justify in our camp, pleading no “not a mistake” corn “an instinctive gesture “.

While the announcement of his candidacy would only be a matter of the day, the polemicist had already had to arrange his stroll on Friday, completing his visit to the Panier district in less than fifteen minutes. Under the cries of demonstrators who chanted “Zemmour break up, anti-racist Marseille “, he crossed the deserted street without answering the people who called him and was escorted by a large number of police officers.

From the start, this Marseille sequence had started badly: Friday morning, aboard the TGV to Marseille, Eric Zemmour had to get off the train in Aix-en-Provence instead of the Marseille city, where opposing demonstrators were waiting for him. when he comes.

A nauseating reaction from someone who is nauseating for the Republic– Saïd Ahamada, LaREM deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône

The LaREM deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône, Saïd Ahamada, reacted to this sequence on LCI: “It lives up to his ideas. A nauseating reaction from someone who is nauseating to the Republic. I’m happy that at last we can see what the real face of Eric Zemmour is, who is trying to awaken the lowest instincts of the French. ”

This sequence could fall badly for the former columnist, still not declared, who could pass the step Tuesday or Wednesday, according to his entourage quoted by AFP. He who on Saturday morning temporized, recalling, under the gaze of Senator RN Stéphane Ravier who accompanied him to the Major, that he was “for the moment, not yet a candidate”.

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